Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tallahassee | Freedom exec named publisher

Corporate just announced that Julie Moreno has been named publisher of Florida's Tallahassee Democrat, effective Nov. 26.

She formerly was North Carolina regional vice president for Freedom Communications and publisher of The Gaston Gazette in Gastonia, N.C.

Question: Who is she replacing? She replaces Pat Dorsey, who announced in September that he had been hired as the new chief executive for Florida's Sarasota Herald-Tribune. It's owned by Halifax Media Group.


  1. She has to be ex-Gannettoid, doesn't she?

  2. 4:55 D'oh. I would have known that answer if I'd only checked my own blog archives.

  3. A better question: what will she do with the EE who wanted that job? Wonder if she's been listening to the archived podcasts of the local morning talk show host down there, who's been rightly criticizing that EE for the last few months?

  4. Used to be publisher in Yuma AZ for Freedom too.

  5. Can someone explain to me why papers like the Democrat even need lots of management, publishers, and editors anymore? The last time I looked at that thing there may have been two news articles published by local reporters. There were AP articles, blogs, USAToday, low quality sydicated opinion, and sports. Lots of pictures too and maybe a few "What is happening" canned articles. How much work is there really to do? I would think one executive level person could pick that out before their first cup of coffee is finished. Is there really anymore than maybe a dozen FTE doing news and advertising in a place like that? The actual printing and distribution I could see being more employee intensive.

  6. 10:59 PM: That rag has always been top heavy in (mis)management. They're down to about a dozen reporters, including sports. Paper so thin you can't even kill a fly with it, and the bird poop and fish entrails seep right through.
    Their front page is usually a one-story front, which is nuts. I mean, if you don't care about that one story, why would you buy the paper at a store or out of a box?
    Their top veteran talent has been laid off, run off or forced to retire (EROP) over the last 7 years since Knight-Ridder sold it for 30 pieces of silver to Gannett. Many of those former employees remain in the community. (Do you think they promote the paper to its potential buyers?)
    Their distribution area has doubled in population over the last quarter century, yet circulation during that time has been halved, down to 25-30K/day.

    A textbook recipe for journalistic and business failure.


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