Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Montgomery | Top editor Lloyd is moving on

"My life-long goal was to be executive editor of a daily newspaper and I feel blessed to have reached that goal in Montgomery."

-- Wanda Lloyd, in a just-posted story about her plans to retire early next year after eight years as the top editor at Alabama's Montgomery Advertiser. The story indicated a search was underway for her successor.

The paper's Monday-Saturday circulation is 29,532, and Sunday is 38,671, according to the Sept. 30 ABC report.


  1. One of Gannett's most honorable editors, and one of the most centered and respected. Good luck, Wanda!

  2. Always the interns' best caretaker.m

  3. Her life long goal was to be an executive editor? really?

  4. No mention of how Lloyd decided the Advertiser spent too many resources covering Auburn University and University of Alabama football and replaced staff reporting with AP feeds so the staff could cover sports that had greater local interest, like the LPGA.

    Wonder how that worked out?


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