Sunday, November 04, 2012

Des Moines | Next: Let's cut the minimum wage!

"CEOs offer important budget guidance."

-- a new editorial in The Des Moines Register, which follows last week's surprise endorsement of financier Mitt Romney, the paper's first Republican presidential endorsement since Richard Nixon in 1972.

Related: Former publisher says Register endorsement inconsistent, while New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls it remarkably bad. Plus: CEO Montgomery Burns (pictured, above) endorses Romney.


  1. Eeeexcellent......
    Smithers, I made Gannett Blog.

  2. Maybe it's not just my paper in which no one ever comments on an editorial. I see the biggest paper in Iowa gets none either.

    Makes you wonder if anyone reads Gannett editorials besides proofreaders. It's the first place you'd expect to find readers contributing their 2 cents.

  3. As a retired publisher, I've been tempted to write a letter or two since to challenge opinions and endorsements only to remain silent and Edwards should have done the same given how he argued his here.

    Attempting to leverage experience with a process that he last engaged in 16 years ago, then interjecting his own opinion as if it would have swayed opposing arguments he clearly was not privy too versus just writing why he thinks his choice is best only tarnishes his own credibility.

    Then again, he did write he had “a bias” of which nothing could be clearer.

    The same can be said about Hopkins during the past few months as further evidenced by his citation of Krugman now as if anyone had to be told which candidate he was going to pick.

  4. Wait... Gannett has proofreaders?

  5. It's nice to hear from Charlie Edwards again. He held out against Gannettization longer than most.

  6. Maybe we could ask Craig Dubrow for some pointers- he grew his personal budget at the expense of the company and got called out in Forbes magazine for it.

  7. Nobody cares about individual newspaper endorsements, but this trend is interesting: According to Mediaite, 9 out of 21 Romney endorsements come from disillusioned 2008 Obama supporters, whereas the vice is versa for only 2 out of 34 Obama endorsements. In other words, Obama has been hit with substantial net attrition (22% of 2008 supporters defecting, vs. 14%) — and this among the lamestream media no less!

    As for Krugman beclowning himself — what else is new!

  8. Jim, Kruggy was a consultant to Enron.

    Res ipsa.

  9. The Des Moines Registers wasn’t alone in endorsing Romney as all four major newspapers did…and Jim left that part out of his “coverage.”


  10. A typo in the second paragraph. Typical.

  11. It's nice to listen from Charlie Edwards again.
    He held out against Gannettization longer than most.
    So nice and pretty cool..
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