Monday, October 15, 2012

Here's a transcript of today's Q3 conference call

CEO Gracia Martore and other senior managers discussed the third-quarter financial results during a conference call this morning with Wall Street stock analysts.

GCI's stock recently traded for $17.61, down 29 cents, or 1.6%.


  1. Crazy heart monitor share price action today!

    Up 5% in pre market then down 5% within 30 minutes of the market opening! 10% action on a $4b company!!


  2. Did you know you can look up past Gannett stock prices? It was $77.04 the day I retired.

  3. What is Gannett's total print circulation in the US?

  4. 6:44 Total U.S. circulation is about 5 million, which includes USA Today's approximately 1.8 million, according to the most recent annual report.

  5. Martore is so duplicitous. Cant rule out layoffs yet repeatedly thanks her rank and filers for a job well done. Continues to buy back shares despite a 70% runup in the price and says that's still not good enough.

    hey Gracia. Instead of spending another $116 million buying shares, how about spending some on employees raises for a change? How about taking some of that coin to avoid layoffs?

    It cant be about pleasing Wall Street all of the time. For once, think of your people amd do something aside from lip service. that would not only be fair, but remarkable.

  6. Gracia said that Deal Chicken Q3 revenue was 3x Q3 2011. Didn't the product launch in the middle of Q3 2011, and not finish launching local sites until Q4? I hope the Wall Street analysts noticed the slight of hand.

  7. Stock is up today!!!

  8. Stock is up. Leadership is down


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