Tuesday, October 09, 2012

For attorney Wall, a racy First Amendment start

One of Corporate's top attorneys, Barbara Wall, received a first-hand lesson in investigative reporting when she was a student at the University of Virginia. The lesson (it's pretty funny, too) illustrates how she developed an early interest in First Amendment reporting, CEO Gracia Martore told a gathering of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, where Wall received one of the group's First Amendment Awards.



    Gracia must be reading this blog. She made a big deal out of this, to ensure GCI got some good PR.

    Keep it going, Jim.

  2. Among the legion of empty, buzzword-spewing suits at corporate, Barbara Wall is an exception. She fights the good fight on behalf of newspapers large and small, and is as painstakingly careful to give the same level of respect and sound advice to the small newspapers of the Gannett world as she is to the biggest papers. A well-deserved honor for someone who is passionate about the First Amendment, unlike some of her bosses.

  3. No offense to Wall, but until the Banikarim "balls" email is accounted for, this means nothing to us.

  4. Well, 9:51, it's a shame that you feel that way and reflects petty bitterness. Barbara Wall is one of the classiest people you'll ever meet, one of the smartest people you'll ever know and one of the most dedicated professionals you'll ever encounter.

  5. And she's pretty, too.

  6. And blond! Like Jim!

    A 'Wall" with "porpoise?"

    Thank God she avoided Banana-Gate.

  7. Stay classy, Tysons.

  8. I was a USAT peon, canned from there in '07. I return to this site occasionally, for reassurance, which every poster provides.

    I would see many of the Gannett suits in passing in the hallways. Horning, Dubrow, Watson, even old Ebenezer McCorkindale himself. All usually wore a scowl, never offered "hi," or easy nod.

    Except Barbara Wall.

    I couldn't tell you who or what she did there, (actually found out from reading this entry on the blog), but judging from the way she was impeccably dressed in her business suit, I knew she Worked For Gannett.

    Whenever I passed her in the halls, she either gave a cordial nod, or said "hi," as you would to any stranger you happen to pass and make eye contact with in a hallway where you work, during that brief moment which makes you realize you should acknowledge the other in a cordial way.

    Most of us just look down, or away, or just pass without acknowledgement, regardless whom we pass.

    (Maybe that was a Gannett/USAT/Crystal Palace thing?)

    But, not this Wall lady.

    And she did this with others, too.

    Maybe she's one of the few good ones in a bushell full of rotten ones? I dunno.

    But, like I said, I was just a peon, canned from there five years ago.

    Well done, Barbara Wall!

  9. I am always disappointed when anyone refers to themselves as a "peon." 5:52 you've been gone for 5 years. You are working someplace else yet you still see yourself as a "peon." You wrote it twice. As long as you see yourself that way you will never fulfill your dreams. Time to look at yourself as a star.

  10. 8:51 - Thank you.


  11. The everyone's a star mentality at Gannett is pervasive. We have first year reporters who are stars in their own minds. We have digital editors with no practical journalism experience who star in authority roles. We have unqualified editors who have starred in leadership positions for decades. We have stars designing Presto, the website and Weekend. And we have senior vice president stars out the wazoo. We are the Milky Way of journalism.

  12. To 9:57 am - Based upon the snarky comments it's obvious you don't know Barbara Wall. She's a class-act, period. Sometimes things written on this blog about various people are actually true. Move along now and find a real target to snipe at. You're way off-base on this one.

  13. 9:57 I'm not certain that comment was directed specifically at Wall.

  14. 8:51 - 5:52 here: How do I look at myself as a Star?


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