Thursday, October 25, 2012

Des Moines | Obama's move vs. quote approval

Washington Post media writer Erik Wemple analyzes the kerfuffle over the Obama campaign's failed attempt to keep off the record a phone conversation the president had Tuesday with The Des Moines Register:

The migration of the Obama-Register interview from off to on the record is merely a subspecies of quote approval. The off-the-record stipulation afforded the campaign a low-deductible insurance policy. If the president had said something dumb, the campaign could have just kept the whole thing off the record. No risk, no damage.


  1. I think Des Moines just tipped their hand as to who gets their endorsement:

    That kinda makes it obvious.

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  3. Another national embarrassment for Gannett.

  4. I like Rick. Thought he'd be above some bush league stunt like this. Can't figure out why he's suddenly channelling Carolyn Washburn.

  5. Presumably other papers silently accepted this condition — else why would Obama assume he could get away with it? Theirs is the greater shame. Any of them 'fess up?

    Or any profiles in courage that refused?

    At least Des Moines came clean.

  6. Way to try to excuse the unprofessionalism, 4:10 AM. That's like the excuse kids use, Well, Freddie did it. Fact is, it was wrong and a public embarrassment. That said, I'm sure Gracia is as clueless as Laura Hollingsworth so this gaffe will go unpunished, just like the "Blue balls" memo.

  7. 4:10 I seriously doubt that two Des Moines Register executives could speak with the president of the United States -- and then keep that a secret.

    Sooner or later, word would leak out. Green was smart to reveal what happened first.

  8. This is all about ego regardless. A candidate stroking the rubes and the rubes willing to be stroked as if they need more information before deciding an endorsement. What a joke all around, and another reason people laugh at the Register.


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