Monday, September 24, 2012

WKYC | 'Unprecedented' political ad war heats up

I don't know whether these figures also are reflected in Cleveland, the Northern Ohio home for WKYC-TV, but 140 miles South in Columbus, an "astonishing" 18,482 presidential campaigns ads aired during a week in late August, according to the conservative National Review.

"Kantar Media, which monitors media placements, reports that is three times the number shown in the 2004 presidential election, when George W. Bush carried Ohio by 118,000 votes — and double the number of ads run in 2008 when Barack Obama won Ohio," National Review says today.

While Gannett publishes 11 newspapers in the state, led by The Cincinnati Enquirer, most of the presidential advertising is going to TV. That's increasingly an earnings bright spot, because it benefits GCI's 23-station broadcasting division.



    Gannett love T.V. Example: in one small state, where Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were competing, MR ran 2,200+ TV ad-spots. And friends in Cleveland say MR has been 'carpet-bombing' with TV ads. That's why MR and BHO are running low on cash -- T.V. ads.

    Gannett love T.V.

    But post-election -- LOOK OUT BELOW!!!

  2. It's EVERYWHERE. One other example, in the Denver market. Now multiply this times a couple dozen bigger and several dozen smaller cities across the US. Never mind the networks and cable. And NOW you understand why political consultants exist.

  3. Jim, will you allow more details of the percentages and/or how many each candidate and/or their respective parties have run when it becomes available, or do you consider that off limits given what it might show?

  4. More details about dollars spent at Gannett TV stations is always welcome.


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