Sunday, September 09, 2012

USAT | In marketing, let the hyperbole begin!

"The redesign marks the first substantive reinvention of the USA Today brand in the paper's 30-year history."

-- The Politico, in a recent story about the newspaper's planned relaunch this coming week of its digital and print editions.

"USAT . . . is making the most dramatic overhaul of its staff in its 28-year history."

-- The Associated Press, in an August 2010 story about a management shakeup that included plans for about 130 layoffs. Then-Publisher Dave Hunke told the AP: "This is pretty radical. This gets us ready for our next quarter century."


  1. Let's face it, all the experts here will hate the emloyee presentation, hate the new website, call the print redesign amateurish, blame everything on MB and say LK let them down. There I've saved you haters hours of work.

  2. So 6:24, you were in on the dress rehearsals too? I thought I was the only one who felt that way after seeing the results.

  3. The most dramatic overhaul has really been in the last five or so years, as hatchet-men editors and publishers destroyed careers of decent people and pummeled the place into dust.

  4. Until they get rid of the McHale's Navy management crew, this relaunch is just new varnish on the leadbottom boat. Let's get some serious editors with chops if you want to cover politics, Mr. Kramer. A Sports Dept. with some quality control would help, too. A sliver of sophistication in Money would be nice change, too.

  5. And why exactly do the so-called "haters" say the things they do about USAT?

    Because the damn facts of the last few years have proven without a doubt that this is one of the most mismanaged, ruthless and misguided news organizations in the country.

    We haters don't have to make this crap up. The drama created at USAT is very real and very sad considering this was once a fairly decent place to work that put out credible products.

    Now, and in recent years, all we get are these dog-and-pony shows, redesigns and grand announcements every other month that are supposed to right the ship.

    Excuse us haters if we've grown a bit cynical. It's not without cause. Until we see evidence of real change, real loyalty, real vision, solid staffing and general competence, you will see a lot of haters commenting on the happenings at the once-proud flagship that has now turned into just another corrupt toy for corporate to screw up.

    You see, hating is what happens when you screw the heck out of people yet expect no ramifications from current or past employees. Hating doesn't just happen for the heck of it? Do you think people have this much dislike for good companies where management and ownership bit the bullet in order to not lay off people in the darkest days of the recession? Do you think people speak this badly of companies where raising a red flag gets you kudos instead of a pink slip?

    USAT is a mess. Management refuses to acknowledge its sins of the past, which range from building a ridiculously expensive office complex to discarding its most loyal and talented employees. And no redesign party is going to solve the core problem.


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