Friday, September 14, 2012

USAT | How to get a top media critic's attention

For more than a year, Chief Marketing Officer Maryam Banikarim prepared for USA Today's redesign, hoping to capitalize on the paper's 30th anniversary this weekend to create all sorts of positive buzz across the industry.

So, what angle did David Carr tweet about to the 384,563 people who follow his media coverage for The New York Times? Balls, balls and more balls.

But as Chris Tolles, CEO of Gannett portfolio company Topix, tweeted in response: "Gotta give it to 'em though -- what else would have gotten 3+ tweets from the NYT media critic?"

Earlier: Banikarim shares off-color e-mail with the world.


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  2. For those keeping track: Carr has nearly as many Twitter followers as USA Today. The paper's total: 387,510.

    Banikarim, on the other hand, has only 704.

  3. Carr is a hack attack dog


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