Thursday, September 13, 2012

USAT | Here's an edited redesign news release

What follows is USA Today's news release about the redesigned print paper and digital platforms. Once the dust settles and readers grow accustomed to the new look, the paper's news content will remain the most critical factor in the paper's success.

With that in mind, I've edited the release by striking through everything that doesn't address specific improvements to news content. As you will see, there's not a lot there.

September 13, 2012

For Immediate Release
McLean, Va. - USA TODAY, a multi-platform news and information media company, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a dramatic redesign on all platforms, as well as the introduction of a dynamic new logo. Thirty years ago, USA TODAY changed not just the face of newspapers, but news overall by providing our consumers with clear, concise, unbiased information presented in a visually compelling way. The next generation of USA TODAY is an evolution of the brand, with a bold new look that takes visual storytelling to the next level.

The new USA TODAY remains true to the original, but with a more current, modern approach; smart and succinct, inclusive and honest, relevant and useful, trusted, unbiased and as always, straight to the point. Key elements of the reimagined products include: a total redesign of the newspaper enhancing USA TODAY's commitment to clear and concise visual storytelling; a unique new logo designed to reflect the pulse of the nation and be as dynamic as the news itself; and a new suite of digital offerings.

"We are making a real investment in USA TODAY, and putting a major focus on reinvigorating the value of print media while introducing new digital products in order to provide our readers with a unique perspective and relevant context on a full range of issues, across all mediums," said Larry Kramer, president and publisher of USA TODAY. "We are revolutionizing the way we cover and distribute the news in relevant ways that inform and entertain our readers. This redesign will highlight stronger voices, and further cement USA TODAY's status as one of the nation's premier news outlets that continues to reflect the American experience. We are America's newspaper and we take that responsibility seriously."

The new USA TODAY newspaper is completely reimagined resulting in a unique modern and visual format that delivers the essential news of the day. The redesign includes increased color, photos and infographics. Several of the fan-favorite sections have been enhanced including the States and Weather pages. The Tech and Travel sections have been expanded to include increased coverage. This fresh look and feel will provide a unique and useful environment for both the USA TODAY reader and advertiser. Advertisers will be provided with an environment where millions of readers find the most essential content and tools to consume daily information. One in every seven Americans interacts with USA TODAY on a weekly basis. The new USA TODAY will provide more options than ever for advertisers - including innovative new creative units.

For the brand that invented news on the go, USA TODAY's new digital offerings reimagine the way to deliver breaking news, money, sports, life and more to all platforms in exciting new ways. Bigger images, more visual storytelling, deeper coverage all presented in a fun, engaging experience. The new suite of USA TODAY digital products lets people consume news in uncluttered environments wherever and whenever they want it - including an enhanced tablet app, new Facebook app, new mobile apps, and a new website that brings the best of the tablet to the browser. There will also be an increase of original reporting and video produced exclusively by the more than 5,000 journalists at USA TODAY and Gannett newspapers and television stations across the country.

The web and tablet products will also feature live video coverage, up-to-the second headlines, interactive weather mapping, cutting edge commentary and user-controls that will let the audience see stories and follow the news the way they want to consume it.

For marketers, will provide the ultimate premium advertising environment. USA TODAY is literally opening up the entire browser canvas for marketers to present their products to consumers, enabling them to deliver the emotional impact of television and the drill-down capability of digital. These reimagined advertising solutions let marketers deliver true cross-platform solutions and a better way to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

The new beta site will go live over the weekend of September 15th with a full launch later this fall.

USA TODAY's logo was redesigned to be as dynamic as the news itself. The logo will be a live infographic that can change with the news. It is simple and straight to the point, providing the opportunity for the newsroom to highlight the stories that matter to the nation. This approach builds off of USA TODAY's long-standing leadership position in visual story-telling. Representing the pulse of the nation, the logo will be used as a platform to express USA TODAY's editorial spirit - fun, bold and impactful.

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  1. Overview from AdAge, including:

    "I was pissed off and frustrated about how news sites had not evolved," Mr. Payne, former GM of, said of the radical changes.

  2. Yawn.

    How's that sports site going?

  3. Good point, 7:01. Sports Media Group appears to be getting short shrift in the paper's publicity campaign.

  4. This is what many people wanted, though, including many people who post here. They embraced things that dumbed down the paper because they thought their jobs would be easier.

    Now the plan has failed, so they try to pretend they always opposed these things.

  5. Jim. This s probably the most juvenile thing you've ever posted. We get it. USAT is not the paper it was when you were there.. Now go get some counseling you gotta move on

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