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Sept. 24-30 | Your News & Comments: Part 3

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  1. For those keeping score at home, this is day two with six stories, one multi-media spread and one column in today's Post-Crescent on the touchdown call.

  2. But, hey, PC readers can also click on a link to see the latest video by Appleton musician and wannabe hitmaker Corey Chisel.

    So that's something different because it's been about a week-and-a-half without a Corey Chisel update.

  3. Green Bay had a better A1 today, maybe Jim can post it from Newseum...


    Yeah, football makes a lot of money for Gannett. I remember the early days, when many got USAT for Sports -- and nothing else. And --

    - USA has been in Afganistan for 12 years

    - Afgan traitors have been killing our guys in the back

    - gasoline just hit $4/gallon

    - 27,000,000 Americans are unemployed/under-employed

    - 47,000,000 Americans are on food stamps

    - laid-off AMERICAN workers have to compete with 2,000,000 young new "legals"

    - a U.S. ambassador was murdered by terrorists

    - Iran and Israel are at war's point,

    - the taxpayer debt is $16,000,000,000,000.00 with no end in sight.

    Sweet Jesus in Heaven, please get some perspective. Some of us have been haunted since 9/11/2001, when our relatives had to run across the Brooklyn Bridge.

  5. 10:22
    Sounds like the stories you listed should be on everyone's first priority list to publish.
    This country is in serious trouble and no other national media is reporting on it.If you pay attention to other national media
    you would think the country is experiencing it's greatest time in history.

  6. Does anyone realize how the CCI Newsgate systems and those systems which feed into it and support it are very vulnerable to tampering? Any deviant with access could go in and totally mess up anything they wanted to with any paper or product anywhere. Who in heavens name thought this was a good idea?

    Also this 'feature-rich software solution' is so intricate that it takes much longer to do what we used to do with our old system with greater risk of error.

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  8. I'm waiting for the front page and section fronts to look better, but they seem to get worse everyday. Today may be worst of all. There is nothing that jumps off the page. That's dangerous when most of your circ comes from single copy. We look weak on the newsstand. And the balls ain't working! They're just silly.

  9. Interesting how certain senior execs have disappeared since the re-launch of USAT. Very telling.

    1. Im sure they are very busy avoiding work and complaints over Presto. To be frank, it still feels like the Hillkkirk era when no one was in charge and decisions were avoided.

      Kramer, Callaway, we need leadership, not part time managers.

  10. 10:57 Please do not copy and paste "open" letters to the news media in any of this blog's comment threads unless they are specifically about Gannett or written specifically for Gannett Blog.

  11. 11:03, recently, had item about lot of hooting/hollering at Chrys/Palace.

    Expect that after a launch, and quarterly financials. But, yes, it has been really quiet. Not good.

    Recall old MSFT saying: "Marketing will do the lying for you."

    And at GCI? Hmm ..

  12. This is the greatest country on Earth. Look how well good ol' Jim is doing. Most countries, there are no "Jims."

    On the other hand -- there is an enormous amount of pain in the USA.

    Yeah, yeah, football, OK. Got it. Pays for USAT.

    Just don't be surprised if there are some folks don't give a freakin' rip about "football toughness."

    Maybe they have kids who were in Iraq. Maybe their bro, the 20-year carpenter, got hammered by "the undocumented" and has to work midnights at Wal-Mart. Maybe they are just mentally-exhausted by all the stupid B.S. in D.C. and refuse to pay any more of their earnings.

    Still the greatest country on Earth. Look at all the advertising here.

    No guarantee of that will be sustained forever.

  13. Newsgate is built for a "perfect world enviorment" and we all know that never happens... I see serious issues as I had a production background

  14. So looking forward to corporate honcho and honcho-ette visit to Wisconsin tomorrow. But is it pot luck or is corporate buying lunch?

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  16. 12:01, Corporate will bring day-old bagels from the ChrysPal. No cake.

  17. Charles Everett9/26/2012 12:18 PM

    More self-aggrandizing content from a Gannett daily! The Des Moines Register published an op-ed about a teenage boy arrested on a theft charge ... and neglected to point out that said teenage boy is the son of the Register's editorial writer.

  18. to 10:51 GO FOR IT, you seem to think it is so easy, so us what you got, take down the whole dam system this week and I will give you a $1000 bonus.

  19. What happened to Mark Wienins, was VP of Printing and Production for the entire GPS division. Dale carpenter is know the man. Did he quit or was he canned

  20. 2:04, The quality staff has left, the only folks to remain are the people that are undesireable to other companys.

  21. 2:04

    If you spelled his name correctly you would be able to find out easily.

    From LinkedIn
    Mark Winans
    New position with Newhouse\Advance

    VP\Production at Newspaper Support Services, Inc

  22. Why Winans left Gannett to do the same thing for another newspaper company is interesting. More money, I'm sure, but same declining industry. If you're in production, it's a losing battle.

  23. 8:32 a.m. and more ads in the sports section other that house stuff and only five ads in a 12-page A section.

  24. Oops....meant in The Press-Gazette.

  25. Hey 2:01, if NewsGate doesn't fail, output will. That's the total failure back-up process, duh!

    To maximize impact across the entire print side of the company, watch for a 3 or more hour network-wide downtime on election night, starting at about 9PM EST. The systems will initially fail due to load, but it will inevitably be a deeper issue.

    And when that happens, where do I collect my $1,000? Ah, no problem, it will happen anyway.

  26. 6:20 If it happen I will contact you.I will find a way

  27. Let's hope the referee settlement ends the Wisconsin story orgy, but here is my vote for the dumbest stories.
    1. Story claims local businesses will lose millions of dollars if the Seattle loss denies the Packers home field advantage in the event they make the playoffs 14 games from now.
    2. Another story claims the debacle has so far had no effect on ticket prices. Huh? A team that has a 30-year waiting list for season tickets could see its fans walk away?

  28. 1. Aaron and the mayor both brought up the financial impact, and even losing home field advantage for one game has a huge money hit for many employers throughout the region.
    2. In the face of many 'boycott the NFL' calls, the story illustrates how empty seats will not be an issue in GB as compared to other NFL cities.

    Thankfully we're not relying on your news judgment.

    As the thoughtful reader pointed out yesterday, sure there are people still dying in Afghanistan, people still jobless, much larger issues than stupid football.

    However - just because things are happening, doesn't make them news. Bemoan as much as you like, but readers click on Kardashians more than Darfur, and our job is to deliver dessert as well as vegetables.

  29. 9:30

    Google "SoDak Sports." The future's not guaranteed to anyone, including the Kardashians.

    Who cares about Paris Hilton today? USAT's lists of songs on "Miami Vice?"

    As for the NFL -- you ought to try reading WSJ. The owners got a scare this year -- ticket sales going the WRONG way. Too easy to stay home and TV. Lot of empty seats look bad (hello, 2012 Summer Olympics).

    The future's not guaranteed to anyone. Producing the same ol' crap does not engender endless profits. That's what nearly killed the newspaper industry.

    Say, just before Super Bowl 2013, there are some big layoffs (probability: ~30%). Just a S.W.A.G., but I doubt that will make for a happy Super Bowl.

    Rave on, cheese-heads. You bring in profits for GCI. Just watch your backs.

  30. Jim, when is Cherry Hill Confidential debuting? Can't wait to see this one!

  31. Cherry Hill Confidential will be another sad day for this blog. Every idiot who ever took a crap on the floor will be rushing to post there. If that is "sticking it to Gannett," then I doubt Gannett is flinching much.


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