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Sept. 24-30 | Your News & Comments: Part 2

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    Authentic leaders lead from the front, as examples. This is why GCI fails. Executives with no operating experience with content, who have too many outside activities.

    A high-performing board would get PO'd and start firing low-performing executives. Hiring ONLY on performance bonus status -- weak results, weak bonus.

    GCI and the newspaper industry are about two clicks from Chapter 11. This is unsustainable -- weak leadership and a weak industry.

    If GCI offers a pension fund cash-out -- seriously consider it. BK firms get their pension levels cut. Don't end up like the steel workers.

    And for God's sake, be sure to have a workable exit plan for yourself.

    1. Martore delgates and then hides in her office. her idea of management is nose to the grindstone. Great if you count beans, not so much if you are head of a struggling company.

  2. I'm rather disappointed the Green Bay Press-Gazette's headline wasn't "WTF?"

  3. 9:01 Now, that would show passion!

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  5. “3:28's comment proves my point -- and shows why I should have removed 10:19/10:57's comments for good the first time around.” Wrote Jim Hopkins on 9/22/2012 5:14 PM

    Jim, with all due respect, your point is questionable at best given the huge gap in tone between them, as was your subsequent cuts of thoughtfully focused replies that you know began by questioning certain words and phrases you spike as objectionable, in this instance, the more commonly known term for the ACA.

    Those replies were “sharply focused" on G A N N E T T and its transition (your criteria for admission here), providing even views from a few publishers and ad managers who spoke directly with advertisers, yet you spiked that critical insight too.

    While it’s true some here can’t engage in thoughtful, professional discussion, your continuing act of spiking this one shows little respect for the majority of intelligent people who frequent here who would like to learn more and that’s disappointing.

  6. It will be interesting to see how the Wisconsin group will milk the referee fiasco for all it is worth. The live chats have already begun.

  7. Regarding the referee fiasco, most people have already moved on. It's called having a life.

  8. 12 p.m. You have made your point, and now I'm moving on to other subjects.

  9. 12:23, to not live in Wisconsin, is to not understand how the Packers dictate the lives of many of its residents. There, the referee fiasco will occupy the sites and lives at least throughout this week, if not the rest of the season. The Wisconsin group will get good mileage out of this.

  10. Hello Everyone,

    Michelle Savoy, Director of Sales & Field Operations for DealChicken, has decided to pursue an opportunity outside of Gannett. Today was her last day with us. Michelle has been instrumental in the creation of DealChicken and has given us an incredible foundation for the business, as we enter our next stage of growth. She will be missed and we wish Michelle the very best as she takes on her next challenge.

    In interim, I will be assuming direct responsibility for Sales and Field Operations, while we define a long term plan for the business.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or your manager.


  11. What is behind her departure?

  12. I'd be embarrassed if I had to use the word "DealChicken" in a corporate memo or email.

  13. Just got a subscription solicitation from the Appleton Post-Crescent offering me a 50% discount for six months. So that is the game, raise the price and offer discounts.

  14. That was a blown call on the pass interference but it was appropriate that those calls were made against the Packers and the Patriots. Field goal looked good to me. Both have been two of the dirtiest teams in the NFL.

  15. 3:05. Since when is a blown call "appropriate." I don't think that is the discussion here.

  16. 12:55, I do live in Wisconsin, in the circulation area of the two of the Gannett papers in NE Wisconsin. The only people who will keep beating this horse until it's dead and then flog it some more who won't move on to anything else because it's too easy to keep writing about the officials. Well, the media folk and the seven people who call/text sports talk radio stations in NE Wisconsin.

  17. DougCork

    D.C. talked Wall Street into growing GCI. He wasn't a news-guy. But he spent enough time with BigAl, he had judgment based on reality.

    And today's Gannettoid carpet-baggers?

    There's an old joke on Wall Street - if all it took to make money were accountants and bankers, they'd rule. They don't. The world's a little more complicated than that.

    GCI may make it - as a shadow of itself. NYTimes Co. is a shadow of itself, WashPost in online education. Life will go on.

  18. 3:45, I live there too, and the Packers religion of Wisconsin is beyond annoying to me. Packers this, Packers that, Packers on my car, Packers on my house, Packers in my wardrobe, Packers in my fridge. I could go on. If you look at the comments on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site today, you'll see it's not just a handful of people making the hundreds of comments left there on last night's game coverage.

  19. Packers drive a hell of a lot of revenue up here, for media, for local business, for our readers. Even those that profess to hate reading about them are impacted with a half percent stadium sales tax in the county.

    It is a religion - my priest mentions the upcoming game at the end of mass - but it exemplifies the passion topics that people will pay to read about - and Appleton and Green Bay do a kick ass job of covering all facets.

    And yes, we do make a little money off of the whole deal. One of those virtuous circles that were all the biz-speak rage 20 years ago.

  20. CORREX

    McCork. Duh.

  21. 5:10, I wouldn't argue that Wisconsin media covers the Packers because it's what readers want and it attracts them and advertising dollars. It's just annoying that from September to February, nobody's got anything to talk about besides da Packers. But we digress. Back to G A N N E T T.

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  23. 3:14 The Call at the end of the game only made up for the call the pass interferance call earlier in the game that led to the Packers Touch down.

  24. GET REAL

    Yeah, football makes a lot of money for Gannett. I remember the early days, when many got USAT for Sports -- and nothing else. And --

    - USA has been in Afganistan for 12 years

    - Afgan traitors have been killing our guys in the back

    - gasoline just hit $4/gallon

    - 27,000,000 Americans are unemployed/under-employed

    - 47,000,000 Americans are on food stamps

    - laid-off AMERICAN workers have to compete with 2,000,000 young new "legals"

    - a U.S. ambassador was murdered by terrorists

    - Iran and Israel are at war's point,

    - the taxpayer debt is $16,000,000,000,000.00 with no end in sight.

    Sweet Jesus in Heaven, please get some perspective. Some of us have been haunted since 9/11/2001, when our relatives ran across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Thank you.


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