Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reminder: Top brass at Goldman confab today

That's the Goldman Sachs 21st Annual Communacopia Conference. CEO Gracia Martore and other executives are scheduled to speak to Wall Street media stock analysts at about 3:45 p.m. ET. It's being webcast so you, too, can listen in. Details.


  1. The 52-week high can't hurt.

  2. The conference has just concluded. I didn't hear any headline-grabbing news. Martore reaffirmed that the paywall revenue figures are on target.

    Ditto for broadcast revenue, especially political advertising in swing states such as Colorado.

    She wouldn't commit to any big changes in dividends or stock buybacks.

    On mergers and acquisitions: As always, she's ready to take anyone's phone calls. Same-old, same-old.

    But maybe I missed something. When I logged on at 3:45, it felt like the Gannett presentation was already underway.


  3. Gracia was awesome! A fan and proud to say so!


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