Thursday, July 19, 2012

Detroit Confidential | Issue 7.19.12

This forum is exclusively for comments and news about the Detroit Free Press, the Gannett-controlled Detroit Media Partnership, and our friends at The Detroit News. I create these place-specific forums when news developments may be near.


  1. I believe the partnership can be dissolved in 2015 if it is losing money. And the ownership is 95% Gannett. So maybe something is happening on that front.


    Any benefit in Detroit will be due in part to a recent rise in auto sales. Which has to do with the average age of a car being so high (10.5 years) -- just cannot put off buying a new car.

    This fall? Look out below!

  3. Do tell what you're sitting on Jim? Why would you post the headline without the lede?

  4. Is something going down Jim?

  5. Over the past couple of weeks talk of buyouts has been increasing by the day. If they are planning to offer them it would be nice if they would just come out and tell us rather than keeping it a big secret.

  6. Word is SE is going back to Detroit


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