Monday, July 23, 2012

Martore on Yahoo's new CEO: Women might be 'a little bit better' at balancing work and family life

In an interview, CEO Gracia Martore spoke to Washington's WUSA on the selection of Google executive Marissa Mayer, 37, as the new chief executive of struggling Web portal Yahoo. Mayer, who started last week, is expecting her first child. Martore, 60, joined Gannett in 1985 and was promoted to CEO in October. She has two children.


  1. I can't argue with that. Under Dubow, I was working many extra hours at the expense of family time. Under Gracia, I got laid off so now I spend 100% of my time as family time.

  2. Because they can lactate?

    I'm 40 and I have no problem seeing that men and women can accomplish the same things outside of a small number of biological functions. Likewise, men and women are equally adept at screwing up their families and their work lives.

    Do we have to wait for everyone older than me to die before misogynistic statements from either gender stop? Or am I guilty there of making the same assumption, that only old people can't stop stereotyping everyone else?

    At any rate, the head of a marketing company with nationwide aspirations should realize that she has men and women readers and employees, and speak with that in mind.

  3. Well, she clearly follows what she believes. Just look at most senior positions at Gannett - they are held by women. And USAT? All women. And most of them hate men...or just hate themselves I not sure.

  4. With that one phrase Matore just exposed how clueless she is to Gannett's history and how it still employs female executives who've shown repeatedly that they could care less about employees' work family balance or do employees needs' in that area not matter to her.

    1. That goes for clueless men, too. when i became a father and was needed at home, my boss decided if I couldnt work 60 hour weeks as an editor, I should do something else. he couldnt be bothered to help while we struggled with a newborn.

  5. And just what would Martore know about raising a family????????????

  6. Different floats for different boats. GCI stopped winning awards years ago for working women. It's an altogether different story for GCI female staff vs. top female executives, just like anywhere else, in terms of pay, time off, maternity leave, nannies, hired help, balancing family/work time, etc. Get real, people.

  7. Exactly 1:13pm. And, interestingly, they are nearly all white. Apparently, those are the qualifications for working in senior level positions at Gannett, other than being male and white. And, before you delete this comment Jim, check for yourself: Review all the senior level people who've been hired since January 1 2012 at Gannett. How many non-white women or men have been hired?

  8. Jim why no mention of the conflict w a gannett tv station giving another puff piece interview to its boss? Did anyone else notice the gannett all within reach banner ad displayed in the background? Pretty shameless promotion. Was there disclosure of the conflict?

  9. Blazing Saddles: "Where da white women at?"

    Now we know!

  10. This is the most sexist thing I have ever heard and am totally outraged!!! The double standards in this country as so stupid anymore.

    It is like listening to the ESPN idiots joke about the white guys in the NBA who suck because they are white. Oh I imagine the lawsuits if I suggested someone sucks at their job because of their skin color.

    Totally ridiculous.

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