Friday, June 22, 2012

USAT | Neuharth vs. Kramer on sports coverage

[Neuharth and Kramer]

"Some sports scribes have been around so long, they think they know better than managers or umpires or anyone else what calls should be made."

-- USA Today Founder Al Neuharth, writing this morning in his weekly USAT column about whether baseball journalists should vote Roger Clemens into the Hall of Fame following his court acquittal on lying to Congress.

"We’re hiring much more pronounced voices. We’re hiring people you want to listen to, whose take matters to you. It isn’t just about agate sports scores. It’s going to be about the story behind what’s going on in the event."

-- USAT Publisher Larry Kramer, speaking yesterday at the annual conference of the Media and Entertainment Analysts of New York. Listen to a replay of the event; Kramer's remarks start about 37 minutes into the presentation.

Earlier: My live-blog notes on the conference.


  1. Kramer's remarks are especially noteworthy because he doesn't limit his view of USAT to the paper and staff alone.

    He talks about leveraging all of Gannett's journalists in service of USAT: "They’re going to be part of what we’re going to do."

  2. One thing about hiring "pronounced voices," they seldom write much daily, they cant be bothered with doing anything off their own agenda and they arent that productive.

    dont we have enough overpaid, under used "stars" on staff who produce little now? i dont see how adding more is going to help the operation.

  3. Can Kramer end Neuharth's column? Maybe we could ger a pronounced voice in that space who might weigh ion a heftier matter now and the

  4. Al Neuharth didn't go far enough. USA Today is among the sports media, national and local, that crucify Roger Clemens while pumping up Tiger Woods. Clemens was accused of lying to the US government during a witch hunt. Woods got caught having mistresses, which shattered his marriage and cost him sponsorships.

  5. Outside of posnanski, who are these heavyweight voices?
    Figured with Ahern's ties to YahooSports we'd have Forde, Wetzel and Robinson by now.

  6. Out with the old and in the with new -- if the new ever decides to bother to show his face around here.

  7. Opinions and generating controversy are far more marketable than real news these days. Louder opinions even more so.

  8. 8:56 should know that at Usa Today, once you are identified as a star, you can be as picky and lazy as you wish. Especially if you work in one of the bureaus.

    Kramer starts hiring personalities and pronounced voices, he better get some workmout of them. We are carrying enough dead weight as it is.

  9. I don't think Old Al is one of the voices Kramer has in mind.

  10. i would like to see some pronounced firings. Soon.


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