Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tweet light: Who's guiding digital news strategy

How did New Jersey's Asbury Park Press wind up with a detailed list of newsroom production quotas, from Page One stories to the required number of daily tweets -- all tracked in an online spreadsheet?

This is Gannett's Content Evolution campaign, a bruising effort driven by Corporate's News Department to bolster newsrooms weakened by a never-ending series of layoffs and other job cuts. It got its formal launch last August in preparation for the introduction of paywalls this spring.

Helping lead this campaign since October: a thirty-something former managing editor at The News-Press in Fort Myers, Fla.: Mackenzie Warren. He worked with Kate Marymont when she was Fort Myers' top editor, before she was promoted to run the News Department in 2008.

Here's how Warren describes himself on LinkedIn: "Responsible for guiding local news organizations through Gannett's transition to a paid digital content model. This includes conducting audience research, developing targeted content strategies and delivering tools, training and technology for journalists to connect with readers."

It also includes developing Twitter-use strategies.

Warren says he's #macwarrendc on Twitter. (He has 25 followers. And eight tweets -- total.)

In this 2010 video when he was recruiting at Northwestern University, Warren talks about how to land a job at Gannett.

Related: In this 2008 video, then-CEO Craig Dubow also offers career advice to students.


  1. Ha. I've been begging for some kind of social media plan for a year and no one seems to know anything about any corporate strategy. Never received anything from this guy

  2. Eight tweets? Holy shit, gimme some time to read them all!

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