Friday, June 08, 2012

Sponsors | From far and wide, three donations

I'm belatedly acknowledging several recent donations. Via snail-mail, I've received $139 from two readers. Plus, via PayPal, I got $20 with this note attached: "Keep up the good work, Jim. -- A follower in Michigan."

As always, thank you for your support. With these contributions, I'm now at 57% of my quarterly goal. But: Ouch, the quarter is now 74% over. The breakdown so far:
  • Reader donations: $505
  • Advertising: $1,763
I'm trying to earn $4,000 quarterly, through donations of $5 per reader, plus advertising sales. Please use the PayPal "Donate" or "Subscribe" tools in the green rail, upper right. Or mail cash and checks payable to: Jim Hopkins, 584 Castro St. #823, San Francisco, Calif., 94114-2594.


  1. Check is in the mail Jim. Can we get some more info on the GPS Division, kind of took a back seat to all the othe stuff on here lately
    The Happy Pressman is back

  2. so 28% of your total reader contributions came from two readers? Wow that's surprising.

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  4. My least favorite task in connection with this blog is to more aggressively solicit money from readers. And so I don't do it.

  5. Understood, Jim, but mentioning it from time to time reminds supporters like me to send a check. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jim, im sorry. But when gannett and usa today provide you with so much material (300 vice presidents, Purpose Walls, deck chair manuevers across the company, Hunke, Bat Boy, Rudd Davis, Heather Franks' verticals) your work essentially writes itself.

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