Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sheboygan | Chicken wing-eating champion blames absent iPod for failing to beat personal best record

In technology related news from the Sheboygan (Wisc.) Press:

The winner of yesterday's Legend Larry's Third Annual Wing Eating Championship blamed his self-described "bad performance" on the fact he left his iPod at home. “I like to listen to tunes that get me going and help me ignore the crowd,” said Andrew "The Cannibal" Contois, who ate 2.69 lbs of medium-sauce wings.

His favorite wing-eating song is LCM by Children 18:3, a Christian punk rock band: “It even has pauses that tell me when to take a drink of water."

The contestant who appears to be retching at minute 1:20 in a video of the contest is a lovely touch.

Related: In other faith-based news, Nashville Tennessean reports young snake handlers are reviving century-old tradition. (Video.)


  1. A friend asks: Christian punk rock?

    Indeed, formed in 1999, Children 18:3 consists of homeschooled siblings David (vocals/guitar), Lee Marie (vocals/bass), and Seth Hostetter (drums).

    They originally organized as a five-piece reggae-like ska band. In an interview with HM Magazine, David admitted, "It wasn't like we wanted to be a ska band. It's just that our friends, who wanted to play horns, wanted to play with us. So it was like, 'Okay, we'll be a ska band.' It wasn't like a conscious decision."

  2. Hmmm. New passion topics for gannett to exploit.

  3. When I was an editor at Gannett, I handled the snakes at corporate (Rosslyn way back when).

  4. Sheboygan has the weirdest stories. Sure wish their former mayor was still in office! And we can't wait for Brat Days.

  5. What a joke! I'm happy to pay for Pulitzer Prize winning journalism in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but I will never pay for this crap in the Sheboygan paper or on their website. All I can do is shake my head in despair when I see the wasted resources by Gannett in my state of Wisconsin.

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  7. Not to mention ... Tech news? It isn't tech of any repute if your tunes aren't on your smartphone. iPods are SO 2003

    But maybe not in Sheboygan

  8. @3:40, I agree with you. I get all my state news from jsonline and some from the Madison papers and some from the TV websites. I go on the Journal Sentinel site once or twice a day to stay tuned in, and I've never had to pay yet. I would pay for that site if I had to, since it's crucial for me to keep in the know. I would not pay for any of the 10 Gannett sites in the state. When they get around to putting state news on their sites, most of them run three or four grafs and leave me hanging on the whole story.

    Never could figure that out. And when the sites go to paywalls I fear their readership will shrivel up even more.


    So a Madison free paper scoops the Wisconsin dailies? What is going on here?


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