Friday, June 22, 2012

New CFO gets $625K salary, $1.1M stock awards

Corporate disclosed these pay details for newly named Chief Financial Officer Victoria Harker in a filing this afternoon with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Harker, 47, replaces Paul Saleh, who quit last month for the CFO job at a larger company. When Saleh was hired in November 2010, the board of directors set his base salary at $600,000; paid him a $150,000 signing bonus, plus gave him stock options and other stock awards.


  1. I don't know how anyone could live only $625K?

  2. Martore, where's that raise you promised us years and years ago?

  3. How much will we save once Chairman Hunke retires?

  4. That's what great CFOs earn folks. This woman has the experience. Great hire!

  5. Her total compensation last year at AES was $3.7 million, including about $1.6 million in stock and options.

    Money isn't everything, of course.

  6. Well that's all good then.

  7. Jim,
    Robin Pence was also the CMO of AES when Vicky Harker was the CFO. They hated each other when they were there.

    It is also funny that they both started their careers at telecom companies (Pence at Sprint and Vicky at MCI).

    Nonetheless, glad to see Gracia continues to hire more woman. I think I am going to sue for discrimination.

  8. Lets keep building management.

    Signed, David Hunke.

  9. How could anyone hate Robyn?


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