Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minus, of course, more than a few laid-off staffers

"We have the same commitment to our communities that we’ve always had."

-- Paul Grzella, general manager and editor of the Home News Tribune in East Brunswick, N.J., speaking to The Star-Ledger about the paper's planned move to a Somerville office. He said the newsroom’s dedication to readers won't change.

Earlier: HNT among three N.J. papers losing nearly half their combined newsroom jobs.


  1. Paul Grzella might believe that, readers won't.

    Gannett thinks their few subscribers are stupid.

  2. The Star-Ledger report mentions HNT circ is 29,000 daily and 38,000 Sunday. HNT has lost A LOT of readers in a few short years. Stunning. It must be really bad. It must be extremely difficult to work there.

  3. Hey 9:56 ... the remaining subscribers ARE stupid. Why are they paying more for so much less? They're like the people still paying for AOL service.

  4. It's easy to say readers are important when you can almost list them by name!

  5. Great going Gannett. Another gut job has been completed. There is no way the HNT should be in this condition. It sits in a community with good demographics as Rutgers University and New York City are nearby.
    The community is loaded with high wage earners. The community is loaded with activities.
    The community is loaded with small, medium and large businesses. The HNT was a filthy ghose town in its final days.
    For shame, Gannett!!! For shame, Gannett!!!

  6. I am a former employee of the Daily Record in Parsippany, which now has a circulation less than 20,000 and a virtually empty newsroom. In an incredibly dumb move, management in '09 took out a five year lease on the first floor of an office building in Parsippany. With so many job cuts, a storefront would now do, but the paper is locked into that lease for the next two years

  7. If the HNT no longer is located in Middlesex County, can local towns still run legal ads in it? I vaguely recall that legals must be published in a newspaper located within the county. Anyway, I guess those JJC columns aren't pulling in subscribers.

  8. HNT's address, as listed on page A2 today (June 26), is 35 Kennedy Blvd, East Brunswick. It had been listed as 92 E. Main St., Somerville, from June 16 to June 25.


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