Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meebo's Mellon named SVP of national ad pricing

Fergus Mellon has been named senior vice president of pricing and planning, National Sales, according to a statement from Corporate yesterday. He will be responsible for sales pricing, planning and operational leadership and strategy of the National Sales Team. He reports to Mary Murcko, president of national sales, and is based in New York City.

[Updated at 11:56 p.m.] Mellon has been senior director of revenue strategy and development at social start-up Meebo since October 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile. Just this month, Google announced it was buying Meebo for an undisclosed sum once pegged at $100 million.

CNN, reporting on the deal, said GOOG strongly hinting that Meebo employees would be integrated with its own Google+ social networking team. However, "Google did not reply to a request for comment on how many Meebo employees will join its ranks," CNN said. 


  1. Looks like it's another person out of a job who needs something...see this link:
    also this:

  2. Just what we need. More vice presidents doing...what? Ad sales are simply awful.

    Banikarim's kids work banker's hours in the field offices. Where is the oversight?

  3. Whew, I was worried we were tanking, since we haven't had a VP in a while. Guess we're going great!

  4. No one has any idea what this guy will be doing. Probably just another barrier to actually selling something.

  5. 10:24 - we're doing so well we actually can afford to make him an SVP.

  6. All unemployment lines lead to Gannett SVP positions! At least Banikarim cut off Lee Jones head to make way for this new position.


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