Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mail | What's the employee social media policy?

In an e-mail, a reader asked an important question:

"Do you know if Gannett has a social media policy in place for its employees?"

This would be a policy covering the use of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., both in your professional life -- but also in your non-work life.

Can you answer this question? Please post your replies in the comments section, below. To e-mail confidentially, write jimhopkins[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the rail, upper right.


  1. Number one rule. You are not to read nor post on this blog. Subject to discipline including dismissal if suspected, caught and apprehended.

  2. No plan in place at our shop, although I've asked for one for 2 years. You'd think with all those 6-figure VPs at the Palace at least one could appoint someone
    to create a social media and digital plan for each site. It's beyond absurd that we have reporters and editors creating their own, random Twitter handles to post news and using their personal Facebook pages to promote stories and send links to stories. What will they want us to do next, work OT and not get paid for it? Use our personal cell phones for company business? Try to use an aging, broken down computer? Drive our own car for company biz, for 25 cents a mile? Replace laid off copy editors with unpaid interns who finally learn how to use the antiquated computers just as they're internship is ending? Use a piece-of-shit system called CCI? Take furloughs to save money so they can pay big-ass cash bonuses to clueless asshat suits and suitettes? If we're not careful, they might start taking advantage of us.

  3. The only thing we've been told about social media is its use as a promotional tool to drive people to our web site. To that end I have FaceBook and Twitter accounts which are my professional "persona."
    My personal FB and Twitter accounts are under different names and contain personal photos and comments and friends and relatives. To me, that is the safest thing to do. The professional accounts are "strictly business"

  4. Banikarim doesn't talk to Jodi Gersch.

    Mistake number one, given Gersh is light years ahead on social than Banikarim.

  5. JODI = USCP Only.

  6. 9:55 looks like Banikarim or someone from her team is making it clear here on the blog that Jodi is only USCP and better not tread on Corporate Marketing turf. This place is so screwed up.

  7. turns out there is a group of folks across the company working on social media policy.


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