Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Burlington | Free Press shifts to tabloid format

After a $2.4 million rebuild of its 45-year-old old press, Burlington Free Press Publisher Jim Fogler says the most frustrating thing is when his newspaper is criticized for not being local enough.

"We are part of this community," he told Vermont Public Radio for a story published today. "We have 145 employees. We live, work and play here."

With the reconfigured press, the Vermont paper now has a new tabloid format -- or, as Fogler likes to call it, a compact smart edition -- with color on every page.

Burlington's Monday-Saturday circulation is 30,558; Sunday is 38,380, according to the March 31 ABC report.

Earlier: Fogler named Free Press publisher.

[Photo: New England Newspaper & Press Association]


  1. Readers aren't fooled by what Gannett is doing to content. Circulation will never be this high again.

  2. Fogler can, and probably has to, call it whatever he wants. But the truth of the matter is the Burlington Free Press newsroom is a shell of its former self. There's not a reconfigured press or a new electronic delivery system that can sugarcoat that. The sports department is woefully understaffed, news outside of Chittenden County is rarely reported, the 1-person editorial "department" is often out of touch and the attention to detail is lacking.

  3. Hey, how'd that Appleton re-organization meeting go on Tuesday?

    Is the wheel all properly re-invented now?

    Rumor mill says the price hike is going to be 25%.

    So if you lose readers because of the price hike, will advertisers abandon the paper/website because their ads are being seen by fewer people?

    Or will the advertisers get lower rates and/or bonus ads?

  4. Back in the 90's the paper was 60,000 daily and pushing 70 on Sunday. What happened? IBM and all the rest of the city move away?? It's called gutting the product and spending nothing on sales and promotion. It's the GCI model. It works like this everywhere. I can't believe the stock is even 12 bucks. The leadership only deserves a $2 price with their business model that continues to show zero improvement. SCJ should come back and kill off what she started.

  5. SCJ's mantra, lol:
    "Better done than good!"

    Thank God and Greyhound...

  6. Same whore...different dress.

  7. Burlington's Publisher is a clueless hack. There is not a person in the community who has any use for this snake oils salesman.


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