Thursday, May 03, 2012

Wilmington | Fired reporter already has new job

Before he even started work, The News Journal fired Khristopher Brooks April 11, after he announced his hiring in an exuberant mock press release. The incident garnered industry-wide attention -- much of it, critical of the Wilmington, Del., paper -- and more than a few job opportunities.

Now, just three weeks later, Brooks has landed at The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville as a K-12 education reporter, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Dept. of Silver Lining
Circulation-wise, looks like it was a step up, according to the new figures as of March 31, out this week:
  • Jacksonville: 98,580 weekdays; 157,559 Sundays
  • Wilmington: 83,210 weekdays; 122,200 Sundays
The Times-Union is owned by privately-held Morris Communications.

Brooks wrote about getting a new job on his Tumblr, without revealing the paper's name: "I need to focus on my reporting and writing, not more infamy."

(Blogger Jim Romenesko sussed out his new employer's name today, however.)


  1. Jaguars games are a lot more fun than Eagles games. And the drive will be a lot shorter.
    Probably better pay too, and Florida has no state tax.

    But the biggest plus he'll have is NOT working for Gannett.

  2. Good for him. He wouldn't have been happy at GCI.

  3. I like how people here pretend to be SOOO concerned about whether Khris would have been happy at Gannett.

    Just another weak attempt to throw a stone at Gannett.

  4. I agree, 12:44.

    This kid sounds like an egotistical little turd who thinks he's God's gift to journalism.

    Will he be better off at a non-Gannett paper? Probably. But I'd bet that he'll cause enough headaches for his employers down the line that no one in Wilmington will regret the decision to rescind his offer.

  5. I worked with him. He's not a turd. Guess it's easy to talk shit (literally) with people when you don't know them or have to see them, huh.

  6. And yet you don't put your name with that post, 1:41. Why not?

  7. Apparently people here don't know anything about Morris.

  8. @12:44am

    its not even a question if he'd be happy at Gannett for me (he won't be. I wasn't)

    Its a matter of him being employed 5 years from now.

    Can you honestly say that anywhere in the news-media industry right now?


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