Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NYT Co. whodunit: Sulzberger's girlfriend vs. CEO

[Sulzberger; girlfriend Gonzalez, and ousted CEO Robinson]

This beats any corporate intrigue at Gannett's Crystal Palace.

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s new girlfriend Claudia Gonzalez and the New York Times Co.'s declining business led to the ousting of Janet Robinson as the company's CEO in December, according to a New York magazine story published this week.

The magazine reconstructs the events that led to Robinson's never-explained $24 million departure after 28 years of service, when she worked her way from ad sales to the corner office in 2004 -- and became Sulzberger's most trusted lieutenant along the way, according to Bloomberg News.


  1. At the end of the day, Banikarim's machinations and incompetence will equal this tale of corporate malfeasance.

  2. I think that while the story of tensions among the Sulzberger cousins is true, the girlfriend vs. CEO angle was a cheesy, sexist angle.

    There's no evidence to back it it, while there is more evidence in the story about Sulzberger's cousin Michael Golden in a power struggle with Robinson after NYTRENG (regional papers) was sold off.


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