Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fond du Lac | A 'seclusion room' in your schools?

A Wisconsin public school is in trouble over its use of a so-called seclusion room, where an autistic 10-year-old was locked inside for 90 minutes after he refused to follow a teacher's orders, according to a Fond du Lac Reporter story today.

In a photo accompanying the story, the roughly built room has padded walls and appears to be windowless.

The article made me wonder if there's a larger national story on the subject across Gannett communities: How common are these rooms, and has there been a rise in their misuse? State guidelines vary widely, according to this CNN story.


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  2. Small distinction here Jim. The story is on the Press Gazette's site, but it's written by a reporter from the Fond du Lac Reporter.

  3. 11:58 Thank you. I've fixed the attribution.

  4. Hey, don't give Gannett any ideas!

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