Monday, April 30, 2012

Memo: Dow Jones ad exec to new USCP position

Molly Evans, senior vice president for advertising since 2008 at Dow Jones' community newspaper group, has been named to what may be a newly created Gannett job -- director of revenue initiatives -- for the U.S. Community Publishing newspaper division, according to a Dow Jones memo today.

In her Gannett position, the memo says, Evans "will be helping to create new revenue programs, products and partnerships, something she has done so well for us for the last several years." She'll be based at headquarters in McLean, Va.. Her last day at Dow Jones will be May 11.

The memo was signed by Patrick Purcell, executive chairman, and William Kennedy, COO, of Dow Jones Local Media Group. That is the former Ottaway chain of small dailies, mostly in New England. Dow Jones is a unit of News Corp., which also publishes The Wall Street Journal.

The memo also says: "During her 14 years with our company, Molly has provided strong leadership and produced great revenue results wherever she has worked. . . . It's hard to imagine our company without her sharp mind, her mastery of detail, her relentless creativity and her wry sense of humor."

According to her LinkedIn profile, Evans was classified advertising manager at The Tennessean in Nashville from 1991-1993.


  1. All right!!!! It's been at least two weeks since we named another VP. It's about fucking time we bloated the first class cabins of the Titanic.

  2. Shouldn't our new head of p.r announced this before we got wind of it elsewhere, or did he have a hard time dusting off the Proven Leader memo?

  3. What does Michelle Krans do anymore???? Good God, more freakin' big wheel positions on top of redundant positions with huge salaries that generate nothing. I've never seen a company that continues to bloat at the top and think nothing of throwing the very souls who generate any productivity in content or ad revenue over the side of the sinking ship. Aaakkkkk!!!!!! I just can't take it anymore!!! We're fucked! 67 ways to Sunday...we're just plain fucked!

  4. What do any of them do anymore ?

    Circulating memos, hiring consultants and attending meetings is not leadership. Enough of the wheel spinning and lies.

  5. Michelle never did ANYthing. Well, nothing to do with her supposed job. But you were supposed to genuflect and said, "I understand Michelle. I understand why you never make the meetings you call, why you never act on the simplest thing you promise to do. You are so busy, you are so mighty, poor, poor Michelle."

    I said it a million times. I never have to say it anymore. Yay.

    Is Leslie G. still around?

  6. I know Molly, as a vendor, and she's quite good. I also know Gannett, and I think she'll be a good fit. She's a hard worker, smart, and innovative, and I expect she'll bring some much-needed new perspective to McLean.

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