Thursday, April 19, 2012

By the numbers | High-profile job vacancies

Three of Gannett's most senior executives exited their jobs this month and last fall, kicking off a search for their replacements: Robin Pence, Corporate's chief publicist; John Hillkirk, USA Today's top editor, and Dave Hunke, the paper's publisher. A status update:

days since Corporate started advertising for Pence's replacement

since Hillkirk stepped down

since Hunke announced retirement plans

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  1. Amazing the company has been able to function in their absence.

  2. Yea, Healthworks Johnny "stepped down" and Hunkers "announced" his retirement. Both without replacements and in the middle of the week. If this were Game of Thrones, I 'd say the Queen Mother (Gracia) had her ever gesticulating hands all over this. I guess she can be cruel to senior managers just as easily as she is to the rest of us duped pions.

  3. 12:05 - too bad we don't have Robb Stark or Stanis Baratheon on our side. I'd even take Renley at this point.

  4. Amazing how the haters can even turn this topic into Big Bad Gannett.

  5. 6:58, yes these two just decided to exit on their own, with nary a shove from anyone at Big Bad Gannett. without immediate replacements.

    Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy, too?

  6. Wisconsin is holding its breath to see how they shuffle people around to replace editor John Dye at Green Bay. He recently retired; he did not take the buyout because he didn't have enough time in.

  7. 9:58,
    Are you kidding? The reason we take so long to find replacements and then hire second rate candidates is because of "big bad Gannett". This companies reputuation is solidified in the marketplace. Advertisers know it, other publishers know it. You reap what you sew. And so we get who we get.

  8. They leave vacancies open to save $$$ THEN hire second rate talent.

  9. When was the last time Usa Today had decent leadership?

  10. I believe Bob Dubill was the last decent top editor at the paper. He actually gave a shit about his people, and it showed. That was when the word integrity actually meant something around here,

  11. 5:27,
    Jacki Kelley. USAT has never recovered since she left.

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