Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blind Item | Enquiring minds would like to know

Which newspaper advertising vice president is jetting with customers to Scotland's St Andrews? It's famously known as the "home of golf," at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club. (Hint: Desperate to cut costs, the paper reportedly offered 26 buyouts to employees in February.)

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[Photo: legendary gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. "Blind item?"]


  1. Well, the new Chairman of USA today is in Japan courting new business, as much as he'd rather enjoy sipping single malt at the Castle Plaiid

    So, I suppose it is Sgt. Murcko, our new advertising chief.

  2. Based on the obvious hints you've given, one would assume you're talking about Carol Hahn, Cincinnati's VP of advertising?

  3. That's ridiculous

  4. If we don’t give advertisers trips, we can't have any ads.

    How can we have ads if we don’t give them trips?

    Sell our value.

    Wrong, that’s long gone, that’s why Buchanan gives them trips.

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  6. And how many readers would've known the photo was of Hedda Hopper if Jim didn't tell you?

  7. Has this rumor been verified? Where did it come from? I understand what Jim is doing here (trying to get someone to verify a tip he apparently got somewhere), but really, is this the way to do it?

  8. Cost to advertiser for a full-page ad in the Cinci Enquirer: $14,589.

    Cost at St. Andrews to play the Old (Ancient) Course: $1,800 per player for one round of golf. (NOT including airfare, hotel, restaurants, etc.)

    Boy, this is gonna pay off REAL QUICK.

  9. Clarifying what I just sent, Enquirer ad rates are from 2008. See

    And you can go cheapo and get a half page for $8,000, but only if you sign up for multiple insertions.

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  11. Would that be the same place where the editor just ordered an expensive redesign of its offices?


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