Friday, March 23, 2012

As deadlines near, here are latest buyout figures

Anonymous@1:09 a.m. writes: "Can you bump up the buyout spreadsheet again? How about adding a column for the number of offers that are accepted? Tuesday, March 27, for employees to respond, and they will be informed by Friday, March 30, on whether or not you are accepted."

Done, and done!

As I post this, we've counted 45 U.S. newspaper sites that have offered a combined 594 buyouts, with an estimated 359 applications to be granted. (For context, the U.S. newspaper division employs about 21,000 employees.)

As before, please check the read-only spreadsheet to see if your site is represented. Then, in the comments section, below, add any new or updated figures. To e-mail confidentially, write jimhopkins[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the rail, upper right.


  1. ~21k must be USCP+GPS, not USCP.

  2. They do this at usa today and people will leave asap. itll be a ghost town, except for the jr. underachievement crowd. Hunks will love it. finally, only the kool aid drinkers will be left.

  3. Here's the numbers from Phoenix of the number of EROP offers given and the number that will be accepted by department:

    Accounting/Finance 4/2
    Advertising/Sales/Marketing 10/10
    General Administration 3/3
    Information Technology 5/1
    News/Information Center 44/44
    Online 1/1
    Marketing/Creative 2/2
    Technical Operations 1/1

    Not much "buzz" on who is taking the offer and who is saying turning it down. We'll know a week from today.

  4. Hunke, please do this at USA Today. You've made the place a miserable work environment with the geniuses you've hired and for failing to keep your eve on the ball. The top heavy management structure youve created would be perfect for an insurance company of the 1950s era. But we need a lean, mean fighting machine management team instead of a bloated version of Biggest Loser. We need a system that allows us to do our job. We need talented journos and an ad staff that sells ads. Streamline management below the pre Transformstion.Decide if any of these jobs are truely essentional or they are staffed by the right people. Fix the endemic problems in the newsroom. The divide between digital and print remains wide and untenable. You dont need hundreds of low paid children whose chief jobs are glorified assembly linemen.. They are not journalists and add no value to the product. Their skills are too limited and frankly, most have no passion for the profession.

    Dismiss these comments as whining as you wish. But you need to do something. Fast.

  5. For those taking the buyouts, are you taking the lump sum or monthly annuity?

  6. In Cincinnati, 26 buyouts were offered: 6 in advertising, 1 online, 19 in the information center. 26 are going to be accepted. All 6 people in advertising have accepted already. I don't know about the other areas.


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