Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paywalls | Watch Martore talk to Bloomberg TV

CEO Gracia Martore speaks to Bloomberg Television's Emily Chang about Gannett's new paywall strategy. "All life is lived locally," she says, "and that's our franchise."

Related: For Gannett and other publishers, TechCrunch says, paywalls are "a finger in the dike."


  1. See seems pretty good. Hope it works.

    One piece of advice...if Martore wants our local products to be "elite" like the NYTimes, stop gutting the newsrooms.

    All the marketing people in the world (aka Banikarim and her band) cannot save a bad product. Good products reguire talented journalists. Hire and reward talented journalists.

  2. Yet another reason to spend my time and money elsewhere. I am happy to be a former Gannett employee and one thing holds true. That is, former employees BECOME customers. Gannett missed that one big time.

  3. Great to see Gracia getting out there and telling people about the good things which are going on. She did a great job in this interview and it is good to see Gracia taking a very proactive approach to communications. The company is heading in the right direction nowadays under her lead.

  4. Awful vid, awful blabbering. Her lack of confidence comes through, its as if she's been programmed. Plus, looking at this extreme makeover candidate first thing Sunday morning makes us shudder.

  5. Gracia looks like she knows this is not going to work. Local content is substandard.why not charge for the flagship like the nyt and wsj?

    projections for revenue are pie in the sky. gracia doesnt care. at 6O she is close to bailinf and a lucrative career as a director for hire.

  6. Why didn't they put bat boy on the tube? Or fashion week? Or on the road?

  7. I just don't see it. Sure, life is lived locally, but the Internet is global. I'm sure there will be people who pay to see their kids high school games covered.
    I would say I click a story on the local G paper's website perhaps once a week.


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