Monday, February 20, 2012

Lafayette, La. | Roesgen named pub; Zoibi retires

Corporate said in a news release moments ago that Richard Roesgen has been named president and publisher of The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette, La., and the Daily World, in nearby Opelousas, effective March 19.

Roesgen formerly was general manager/executive editor of The Reporter and Action Publications in Fond du Lac, Wisc. He succeeds Ali Zoibi, who is retiring after 14 months in the job.

Prior to joining the Reporter and Action in 2009, Roesgen was publisher of Wisconsin's Sheboygan Press from 2000 to 2009; publisher of the Reporter from 1998-2000, and managing editor in 1994-1998 and news editor from 1991-1994.

A search will be launched for Roesgen's successor, according to a memo from Genia Lovett, publisher of The Post-Crescent in Appleton, Wisc., and a vice president in the Midwest Group of newspapers.

Roesgen's appointment comes just three days after the top editor over Lafayette and Opelousas, Brian Tolley, was named executive editor of The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss.

By the numbers: circulation
  • Lafayette Monday to Saturday: 29,374; Sundays, 42,171. Opelousas: weekdays, 5,669; Sunday, 7,060.
  • Fond du Lac: weekday evenings: 10,355; Sunday, 13,853


  1. Here's the text of Lovett's memo to staff at the Reporter in Fond du Lac this afternoon:

    Please join me in congratulating our very own Richard Roesgen who has been named President and Publisher in Lafayette, Louisiana. Richard’s last day in Fond du Lac will be March 10th. He will begin his new role in Louisiana on March 19.

    Richard is in his 21st year of journalism in Wisconsin, first with Thomson and then with Gannett. He Joined The Reporter in 1991 as News Editor, became Editor there in 1992 and Publisher in 1998. He became Publisher in Sheboygan in 2000 and returned to Fond du Lac in 2009 in the dual role of General Manager and Editor for Action Reporter Media. During his tenure, Richard has lead digital growth, high quality journalism and smart sales strategies.

    We will be recruiting for Richard’s replacement in Fond du Lac very soon.

    I am so proud to see Richard move on to this growing opportunity – and warmer climate.

    Let’s wish him all the best!


    Genia Lovett
    President & Publisher | Midwest Group Vice President
    The Post-Crescent

  2. “Although we've been together a relatively short time, I've come to really appreciate and love the Lafayette and Opelousas area. The kind and genuine people, wonderful culture, great cuisine and outdoors, and, most of all, your passion for family and life. It's been my pleasure to serve as president and publisher of The Daily Advertiser and Daily World for the past 15 months,” Zoibi writes in a special column to be published in Tuesday’s edition of both newspapers.

    Zoibi said his retirement will give him more time with family in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas.

  3. Richard, best of luck to you! What a move. I've always had good dealings with him in Wisconsin. Louisiana wins on this deal.

  4. If it weren't for the obits, the FDL Reporters' A-section could be a one-sheet.

  5. I guess when you're on the buyout list and you're a publisher you get to "retire" with the usual "career obit" and other fanfare. Maybe even have a little farewell get-to-gether thrown in your honor. I'm not saying Zoibi doest deserve it he does. I'm just saying the others do to.

  6. Having worked with him, Ali was a significant upgrade from the previous publisher and truly did what he could to invest in the community. I wish him well.

    My prayers are with those left behind at the Lafayette, La., newspaper, which has announced the departure of its executive editor and publisher in the past three days. Tolley flipped the newsroom upside down and now he's gone after 18 months, leaving the managers he hired in charge. That's a very scary thought for both the remaining staff and local readers given the struggle in that newsroom to properly communicate story and photo assignments on a daily basis.

  7. Fond du Lac Action circulation is 46,000 Sunday and Wed 32,000, same size footprint.

  8. 10:29: Action's circulation is high because it's a free tabloid distributed by carriers. Having worked at Action for a long time, I have to say I'm shocked at how thin it has become. They have lost a majority of their advertisers. I have no idea why they don't merge Action Advertiser and The Reporter. Combining the two might make the final product look like a healthy publication.

  9. Ken Holehouse8/04/2012 11:33 AM

    So what happened? Richard is still publisher of THE REPORTER!


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