Friday, February 17, 2012

KUSA | After dog bite, a war of words in Denver

"The other stations are wimps. They caved in to pressure from KUSA." 

-- Ed Kosowski, news director of rival station KDVR in Denver, on the Fox affiliate's decision to air footage of a KUSA anchor getting severely bit by a dog during a live newscast, according to a TVSpy report today. The anchor, Kyle Dyer, is recovering from reconstructive surgery. KUSA had urged local media to not air the footage, to avoid further traumatizing the Gannett station's staff.


  1. KUSA doesn't want the video shown "to avoid further traumatizing of the Gannett station's staff". Yet, when there is a story about Columbine, or even a normal house fire, they continually show the footage from those events...not thinking about those families or the people that "have been traumatized".

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