Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 13-19 | Your News & Comments: Part 6

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  1. no comments today? Is this broken?

  2. Hello from Minnesota !! I'm not working today, that's for sure.

  3. How much do the design team leaders at the Design Studios get paid? Thanks.

  4. "Not that I miss the intrigue and drama, but am I the only one who noticed that comments about Cherry Hill and Neptune and the rest of Jersey have completely stopped?"

    Its not surprising there no more comments from the community papers in New Jersey....there's hardly anyone left working there!
    When you are one of only a couple in each department its hard to post anonymously. Another long-term loyal employee was laid off this week in Cherry Hill and the department disappeared. Wont be long now....

    1. Well some if us are not worried about those idiots figuring out who is writing here!

    2. What department disappeared? Who got the axe?

  5. Big week for my company. I can't wait!!!!

  6. Doctor Z and his pals are going to cry all week as board meeting goes well and Investor Day blasts off. Can't wait to read the creative negative spin.

  7. Gannett has failed to wow wall street for years. Why should now be different? Will gracia announce substantial cuts and an end to PM print or a spinoff?

  8. Investor day? Wasn't that supposed to be the earnings call of a week or two ago?

    You know, when we tell analysts & investors the basic SWOT of the company, not blow a lot of smoke up their collective asses regarding chicken passion or whatever 2004 retread motto we're going to trot out next.

    What I want to hear out of Gracia is how booting hundreds of local staffers the same time we are adding vice presidents ... adds value to our stock, our products or positions us for future growth.

    There won't be a single question asked at her 'town hall' - we all know layoffs are around the corner and we wouldn't be here still if we didn't need this gig as long as possible. Raise your hand only if your box is packed.

  9. 7:18 re: figuring out who is writing here. I like that. Part of the fun at one point (in a depressing kinda way) was seeing someone derogatorily attribute my posts to me, "clueless in Reno," when I had posted zip.

    But the downside for folks who want to post and are afraid to do so, is that even anonymously, to do that invokes that very assumption so easily made by some types:

    "Oh, I KNOW who posted this!" And that person, posting or not, will be targeted Sad, but that's the company's Lord Of The Flies culture.

    There is no anonymity with corporate lackeys. They don't need a lesson in capitalism; they just want the tongue a-lickin'.

    Rather than a company that exists as a healthy dynamic of information within itself, it's a witch hunt.

    And the more petty types, usually found higher up the echelon, always oddly find a witch where none exists.

    Friends at my ex-work (friendship with decent people, not "deadwood") did not end with the pink mist) have as much echoed this, saying they would not dare post on Gannett Blog because they would be identified, rightly AND wrongly.

  10. Oh. And by the way, from "clueless in Reno."

    The Reno publisher is far more forthright than his predecessor. For example, he says flat-out that he'd like to answer certain question but he can't.

    I consider that an improvement.

    The only rub is, that he says he does not read Gannett Blog, as if it's some contraband smuggled into some Black Market of Human Decency.

    Yeh. Nobody reads Gannett Blog. That's why some are afraid to post on it.

  11. 4:57: The salaries for respective positions at each studio are different, but I'd say almost all making less than $50,000.

  12. Saw this job ad.

    Job Bank: Design jobs in Phoenix, Phoenix
    Job description: Question: What's the secret to staying cool in the desert? Answer: Working in a creative environment. We're building such an environment in downtown Phoenix, and we're looking for designers for news, features and sports who thrive in a collegial, energetic atmosphere. We're committed to staff development, regular feedback, an open exchange of ideas and having fun, while working hard. (THIS NEVER, EVER HAPPENED WHEN I WAS A DESIGNER AT GANNETT, OTHER THAN THE WORKING HARD PART) We have openings at all levels of experience, both immediate and in the coming months. The studio produces broadsheets, tabs, slick magazines and even digital publications for nine Gannett newspapers. Interested? Contact Tracy Collins at, or at 602.444.8094 (though email will get you the quickest response).
    Date of posting: 02/15/2012

  13. 9:11, sounds like a chapter out of "1984."

  14. The design team members are supervisors and are paid considerably more than 50K. A lot of the designers, those with only a few years experience, are probably making 50 or less. But team leaders are a different matter.

  15. Excuse -- the beginning of that note should say design team LEADERS, not members.

  16. 9:34.....where are team leaders making that much??? NJ?? I find it hard to believe that team leaders are making "considerably" more than 50K.


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