Monday, February 06, 2012

Binghamton | This thread is for your comments

I hear that something's up at New York's Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Its circulation: Monday-Saturday, 35,507; Sunday: 52,197. 


  1. How cryptic! What's going on, Jim?

  2. Place your bets on nothing developing. That's the way things have been here lately.

  3. OK, I'm not at Binghamton, but spurred by curiousity I looked at their Web site for clues about changes. Oddly, the right "check this out" links rail includes a promo for an Indy Star series of Komen stories.

  4. No. 2 and No 3 editors demoted. Gannett sending "help" to establish new "passion topics" system.

  5. 12:20 appears to have lost their bet. Following is an e-mail that Executive Editor Calvin Stovall sent to Binghamton employees this morning.

    From: Stovall, Calvin
    Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 9:14 AM
    To: BGM-InfoCenter
    Cc: Estes, Bruce; Wilson, Lois; Bohrer, Dave
    Subject: Content Evolution


    To help us further develop our Content Evolution Plan as we prepare to launch improvements across all platforms, especially digital, we will get assistance from Meg Downey, currently managing editor in Nashville and former executive editor of the Poughkeepsie Journal.

    Meg will work with me and some of you as we finish finalizing our plan and prepare to launch coverage of passion topics, give readers more watchdog and enterprise reporting, provide true 24/7 platform-perfect content, and use bold design to illustrate content and capture readers' eye.

    Please join me in welcoming Meg and working with her as she helps us over the next several weeks.

    As we continue preparations to evolve, we are making some changes.

    Assistant Managing Editor Al Vieira, who has helped supervise metro desk staffers, will focus on running the Central New York News Desk. He will not be involved in the day-to-day operation of the metro desk. Instead, he will focus on helping the News Desk perform production and traditional copy-editing duties, including serving as the last line of defense and suggesting ways to improve content. He will work with me, John Catlett and others to provide strong and consistent design, and with Production and Advertising on space and booking issues, and other such assignments.

    Ed Christine is moving from his metro editor position to a senior reporter role to help us produce watchdog and enterprise reporting, as well as passion-topic coverage as needed. His work will help us come out of the gates strong when we introduce new and improved content across platforms to our customers in the spring.

    Digital Editor Jeff Platsky and Public-Service Editor Jennifer Fusco will help manage the daily operation of the metro desk, and we will call on other metro desk staffers to continue to help on the metro desk. I will keep you informed and include appropriate staffers in conversations regarding daily operation of the metro desk. I appreciate in advance your flexibility and nimbleness as we make adjustments to ensure smooth production of the newspaper and the web.

    Matt Traub, Central New York Sports Editor, will report to me, and also work with Meg as we identify passion-topic content that we need to consider for Sports.

    I appreciate your cooperation and assistance as we work hard over the next several weeks -- and beyond -- to prepare to give readers content they want, when they want it, and on the platforms where they want to read it.

    This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of and make a difference in the next evolution of our business. All have expressed excitement about the technology that's coming our way to help us go forth. Let's keep that excitement alive and do everything we can to build our audiences on mobile, tablets, across social media, on our successful web site that you've made strong, and the newspaper.

    Let's embrace the urgent need to change, continue to take pride in the role we play in our community, and take ownership of our products.

    Calvin Stovall
    Executive Editor
    Press & Sun-Bulletin
    Binghamton, NY
    Work – 607-798-1186
    Cell – 607-221-3872


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