Thursday, January 05, 2012

WKYC | Why 40 isn't the new 20 in the TV industry

"I'm 42, and 42 isn't what it used to be in this business. It's a young person's game."

-- morning news co-anchor Mark Nolan, speaking to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for a story yesterday about his leaving the Cleveland NBC affiliate in March.


  1. Same for print.

  2. I do not know Mark but have only heard great things about him and my post below should not be taken as a slam on Mark.

    If you're an anchor at a Gannett owned television station and your duties are simply checking show scripts and reading the prompter, you better be ready. Your days are numbered. Gannett has figured out that it doesn't matter how long you've been at a station they can replace you with no negative impact on the bottom line. You will either agree to their terms or leave.

  3. Young person's game in terms of being paid entry level salary and worked to the bone until you leave in 1-2 years. On that score, he is correct. Welcome to new economic model for journalism.

  4. How does this jibe with G hiring CBS' Russ Mitchell to anchor in Cleveland? He won't come cheap.

  5. Younger = Cheaper.

  6. It seems that this is more of a "I see where the station is heading and I'm not going down with the ship" thing. Reported arguments and threats to employees by management, walkouts on meetings, morale at an all time low at Channel 3.

    He's fed up with the way management has ruined what WKYC used to be. And if I could afford to leave, I would be out the door when my contract is up as well.


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