Wednesday, January 04, 2012

USAT | Which job requirement doesn't apply?

USA Today has posted an opening for a director of communications to handle everything from fielding outside media questions to helping executives with speeches.

The posting lists eight requirements to qualify. Which of the following is not among them?
  • Must communicate effectively in fast-paced environment
  • Background in newspaper journalism
  • Ability to develop messaging

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  1. Well, that was a setup: it's No. 2 - no background in newspaper journalism is necessary, because ... Gannett is a DIGITAL company!

  2. Isn't this Zimmerman's job? Did she leave?

  3. What a grim, dismal job. Expect 12-18 month burnout rate.

  4. #2 of corse, the word newspaper is about as dead at Gannett as the word film is at Kodak

  5. Or the word "solvency".
    (At Kodak, that is!)

  6. USAT better hire a DIrector for Reclaiming its Soul. After trashing everything (and everyone) that was good about USAT in the last few years, working at the nation's newspaper (or digital news brand or whatever you want to call it now) is like working in purgatory. I'd say Hell, but it would be a stretch to compare the lush Crystal Palace with anything too dismal. Director of Communications? Oh, pleeeaasse... Can we stop with the nonsense and the constant painting over of one problem by introducing another?

  7. You would have to be very desperate to want this job or any job in marketing at Gannett.

    The truth is Maryam and Sandra probably fired someone in order to bring in another "friend". Their pattern since day one. My guess is this posting is just a corporate requirement for a job they already have the candidate for. Ed Cassidy was fired and now they are filling in with their friends.

    These people have no soul.

  8. Heidi Zimmerman is listed as communications director in this most recent Jan. 3 press release.

  9. I want to be the new Director of Swagger, which reports directly to the CEO of Swagger. Because we are Gannett and we have swagger.

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