Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coshocton | In defense of corporate publishing

"Yes, we are owned by a corporation -- Gannett -- but it's the strength of that corporation that has allowed us to be a seven-day newspaper for a community the size of ours." 

-- Coshocton Tribune assistant editor Valerie Boateng, in a column today defending the tiny Ohio paper and its 12 employees against criticism that it isn't local because it isn't printed in the city. The afternoon Tribune's weekday circulation is 4,112, and Sunday is 5,167.


  1. These Pubs will be out sourced or better yet sold off. Bolger was in town last week from what I understand. That is not a good sign for the Production side of things

  2. Well written and carefully thought through. She will probably be laid off soon as a result.

  3. I would think the papers WILL BE PRINTED OFF SITE, SAY Columbus..this is were the Cincinnati Enq. is headed in a few months. Maybe even Lafayette, In. They have plenty of press time available..trucking is not an issue

  4. Yes, she did end up getting laid off recently. Because Gannett is full of idiots who just want to screw people over who have been there forever. I feel sorry she had to endure the B.S. of this joke of a company for so long, but wish her well in her future. Only TWO reporters left in Coshocton.


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