Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Salinas | GM Feinberg said out after three years

Terry Feinberg, general manager of one of Gannett's smallest dailies, the Salinas Californian, has left the paper after more than three years in that post, according to a reader and the paper's website.

In an e-mail, the reader says Feinberg was replaced yesterday on an interim basis by Advertising and Marketing Director Dana Arvig.

As I post this, Feinberg's LinkIn profile still shows he's GM, a position he's held since May 2008.

The paper's website shows a headline for today's edition: "General manager of Californian departs." Oddly, however, I'm prompted for a login and password when I click on it.

The Californian's weekday circulation is 9,037.

Feinberg's departure comes a day after another top newspaper executive announced his exit: Mark Mikolajczyk, Florida Today's publisher since 2006, said Monday he's leaving for a job as president of subsidiaries at Craig Technologies of Cape Canaveral.

The news of Mikolajczyk's leave has prompted unusually large number of Gannett Blog comments on this post.


  1. And there will be more. Stay tuned. Not many executives will be staying with Gannett. I predict a mass exodus in 2012.

  2. That's two this week.

  3. Since Gannett is running out of high paid employees to lay off, wouldn't it make financial sense to eliminate General Managers from smaller papers and just have the Ad Manager run the entire show? Yes, the Ad Managers will complain - so what, they still have a high paying job.

  4. Running out of highly paid employees to lay off, 12:15? Do you realize how many are eligible on the Gannett side of Crystal Palace???

  5. I'm very surprised that Terry lasted as long as he did given the way that he had to report. Gannett needs to take a look at Publishers!

  6. There are scores of titled, highly paid, useless management types at the Crystal Palace. Believe me. No one is overworked. Job titles are nebulous. They would NOT be missed.

  7. Terry was a great manager and leader. He was good to his team and it is a loss for the newsppaer.

  8. Good people are leaving The Salinas Californian. While the bad ones stay.


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