Sunday, December 18, 2011

Des Moines | Endorsement looks 'like campaign ad'

From a Wall Street Journal story last night:

Mitt Romney has picked up another establishment trophy to go along with the hundreds of endorsements he’s amassed in recent weeks. And this one could give him a bump in Iowa, where he continues to lag in the polls.

In its Sunday paper, the editors of The Des Moines Register praised Romney for his “sobriety, wisdom and judgment” in endorsing the former Massachusetts governor for the Iowa caucuses. The plug, which, in places, looks and sounds like a campaign ad, runs with a portrait of Romney set against a backdrop featuring a waving flag and the White House.

See for yourself
The Iowa caucus is Jan. 3. Following is the Register editorial page carrying the endorsement. (Or view a .pdf.)


  1. Definitely looks like a campaign ad. Pretty undignified, actually, for a display of an editorial. And that's ignoring the content -- the writer(s) of the editorial must live in an alternate reality.

  2. Are you kidding me!!!!
    The DM Reg is a very,very far left leaning newspaper.As soon as a republican candidate is chosen they will be all about getting Obama re-elected!
    Hell, do they believe Iowans are so stupid that they will agree with their choice for a
    REPULICAN candidate!
    Damn, typical Register crp!

  3. One can only assume the Register editors would have put Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Bachmann or any of the candidates' photos in the same flag-waving design, but what the heck were they thinking?

    Seems really wrong-headed.

  4. How far this once fine newspaper has fallen.

  5. A left-wing paper picks Romney?
    I think he's the best chance we have of defeating The Obamanation, but now I may have to re-think this.

    My word verifcation: Conan!
    Yeah, either one of the Conans would be better!

  6. Jim what I find so funny is another paper just apologized for accepting an photo-shopped image from a reader, with journalists complaining that when you accept "reader" content this is what you get. Then here you have an editorial board who says great... "run that image." Because he was in DC. At night. With a flag the size of a mile lit up flag in the background. Please. I don't even care who they endorse, the image is offensive to journalists who care.


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