Monday, December 26, 2011

8 questions: How to ace a Gannett job interview

Google receives a million job applications a year. It's estimated that only about 1 in 130 applications results in a job. By comparison, about 1 in 14 high-school students applying to Harvard gets accepted.

-- The Wall Street Journal, "How to Ace a Google Interview," Dec. 24

The Unofficial Gannett Co. Inc. Job Interview™

Except where indicated, choose one answer. (The correct answers are in the comments section, below.)

1. CEOs are underpaid: True or false?
  • A. True 
  • B. False
2. You are second to none as a champion of the First Amendment. Which business are you? (Choose all that apply.)
  • A. an international media and marketing solutions company 
  • B. one of the world's largest marketing communications networks 
  • C. a global creative communications company
3. Two trains traveling on parallel tracks are going toward each other from a distance of 960 kilometers. If one train is moving at 100 kilometers per hour and the other is moving at 140 kilometers per hour, after how many hours will the trains pass each other?
  • A. Four hours 
  • B. 5 hours and 23 minutes 
  • C. Stupid question; they should have taken the Corporate jet!
4. One of Gannett's newspapers is famous for their association with one of these events?
  • A. Watergate 
  • B. Poopgate 
  • C. Troopergate
5. What is $37.1 million?
6. Showing support for employees, the new CEO's team did which of the following (choose all that apply):
7. What is the correct ratio of Congressional reporters to entertainment reporters?
  • A. 5:27 
  • B. 27:5
8. What is E=mc2?


  1. Answers

    1. B (Trick question: CEOs aren’t merely underpaid; they’re grossly underpaid)

    2. A (Note: B and C are the advertising agencies Saatchi and Saatchi and McCann Worldwide)

    3. C

    4. B

    5. C

    6. A, B and C

    7. A

    8. A

  2. Such a waste of space. Should have sent this to a design center.

  3. What kind of a freak would want to hitch their wagons to Gannett. This company does not value their employees and treats them like garbage - to be disposed of. Just read this blog for 15 minutes and you would have to realize what a toxic place Gannett is. Avoid at all costs!

  4. I like working here. I've worked hard, kept my skills updated and I've made a good living,

  5. You don't have to be a pathological liar to be a Gannett Executive Editor...but it sure helps.

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