Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, readers from Big Lead Sports and First Draft

Welcome to Gannett Blog, where hundreds of you are landing today via a link off Big Lead Sports' homepage, to my post about CEO Craig Dubow walking away with a $37.1 million retirement and disability payout.

While you're here, check out all my posts tagged Sporting Scene. And please keep coming back. (About Big Lead Sports.)

Meanwhile, a belated welcome to hundreds of readers streaming in from First Draft, which posted a similar link yesterday.

Earlier: Also criticizing Dubow's eight-figure payout: Daily Kos, and The Atlantic.


  1. Welcome, fellows. As you can see, Jim is not shy about self-promotion.

    Like you, he prefers rumor, innuendo, and screaming to getting facts, so you might like this place. He often trips over numbers and causes for events. One of his most common responses when he's called out is to call on someone to disprove something, with the implication that if they cannot, then it has to be true.

    The best this blog had to offer came in 2009, when Jim was looking over his shoulder for the bogeyman. Unfortunately his archival system pretty much sucks, so good luck finding all of that.

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  3. Following is an edited version of a comment posted at 8:12 in response to one posted at 6:48:

    Blogger software is not a full-blown content management system. It meets the bare bones needs of an independent blogger. Besides, didn't you know that's why j-schools teach these days - to be your own brand, because the new journalism economy won't provide decent wages and zero benefits.

  4. Jim, are you denying what's posted at 6:48? After all, if you can't disprove it, then it must be true.


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