Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marketing | By the numbers: Who likes who

Gannett Blog has just joined these media outlets with a fan page, at facebook.com/gannettblog. I sure would appreciate your "likes."
  1. The New York Times: 1,512,015 total likes
  2. The Wall Street Journal: 338,856
  3. The Washington Post: 204,695
  4. USA Today: 68,555
  5. azcentral.com: 33,241
  6. KUSA-TV: 24,878
  7. Detroit Free Press: 13,483
  8. PointRoll: 902
  9. Gannett Digital: 275
  10. Gannett Blog: 100
Note: Current Gannett employees concerned about being outed as one of my fans will want to proceed cautiously.


  1. Nice to see GANNETT digital is a player in social media. My future looks strong *eyeroll*

  2. Wow...another example of how we're falling way behind our competitors. 68k "likes" is a rounding error for the NYT.

  3. Well, give USAT more resources for social. Last I checked, the entire digital marketing team handling social media quit, leaving one reporter to handle it.

  4. USAToday needs to get more serious about FB. I actually LIKE them on FB and think they do a good job. But who is in charge of marketing this?

    The newsroom or Michek?

  5. Marketing is responsible for any Facebook promotion, but does a very poor job. I mean, look at the numbers compared to the NYT. How does a publication with significantly less circ than USAT have so many more FB followers?

    Might it be because we have re-orged marketing 10 times in the last 3 years and no one is paying attention? Then again, we've all become used to that.

  6. Wish I could like you on facebook, but it would cost me my job. So i just sent a donation instead and encourage others lucky enough to still have a job to send a few bucks to you.

  7. I'm with 8:24. No way I can publically like the blog on FB. Nor can I follow on twitter. Would be career suicide.

    But I'll keep coming here.

  8. Hey Jim, you should probably use http://www.facebook.com/azcentral in your comparison instead. Anything digital, social media included, falls under the azcentral brand in Phoenix.

  9. How exactly does one get outed by liking FB?

  10. 10:26 Yes, AZ Central has 33,239 fans.

  11. 7:34 Fans of my page can see the names of other fans. So, if someone from Corporate were to like me, they might see who you are.

    6:09 and 10:26. I've now switched in azcentral.com


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