Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ex-director Shalala on sports scandal at her UofM

Show me the money: Shalala, right, holding a $50,000 contribution check athletics booster Shapiro, center, says he gave to the University of Miami in 2008. She was on Gannett's board at the time.

"I am upset, disheartened, and saddened by the recent allegations leveled against some current and past student-athletes and members of our athletic department."

That's retired Gannett Director Donna Shalala, president of the University of Miami, in a statement yesterday on allegations by athletics program booster Nevin Shapiro, who says he provided thousands of impermissible benefits to at least 72 athletes from 2002 through 2010, according to Yahoo Sports.

Shapiro, in prison for a $930 million Ponzi scheme, said the benefits included cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his Miami Beach homes and yacht, jewelry, bounties for injuring opposing players -- even an abortion payment, according to Yahoo Sports. The NCAA is investigating.

Shalala, 70, has been UM's president since 2001, and was a GCI director during the eight years Shapiro says he provided the benefits. She retired from GCI's governing board four months ago.

Earlier: the household chore Shalala likes least.

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  1. How do I become a Gannett board member? Do I have to buy lots of stock? Be a friend of a current board member? Does the CEO pick 'em. I mean, I know shareholders vote but that is a ruse because controlling share votes will outnumber and too many general shareholders never vote.
    If I become a board member, what is my take-home pay for attending meetings and are my expenses covered?

  2. Death penalty for Miami.

  3. Sounds like she paid as much attention to what was going on at the university as she did to
    G A N N E T T while she was on the board - Zero! Just keep the pay checks coming, baby!

  4. 6:59 Directors are nominated by their fellow directors and, occasionally, by shareholders. And, yes, the CEO is intimately involved in the selection of new directors -- even though they are, theoretically, the CEO's boss.

    Here are details of how much Gannett's directors get paid, from Page 55 of the March 2001 proxy report to shareholders:

    The compensation year for directors begins at each Annual Meeting of shareholders and ends at the following Annual Meeting of shareholders.

    Last year, the Company paid its directors the following:

    * an annual retainer fee of $45,000;
    * an additional retainer fee of $15,000 to committee chairs and an additional retainer fee of $25,000 to the presiding director;
    * $2,000 for each Board meeting attended;
    * $1,000 for each committee meeting attended;
    * a long-term award, consisting of either 2,000 restricted shares or 8,000 SOs, granted on the first day of the compensation year;
    * travel accident insurance of $1,000,000; and
    *a match from the Gannett Foundation of charitable gifts made by directors up to a maximum of $10,000 each year.

  5. As an alumni of The U, I am deeply disappointed, but unlike Shalala, not surprised by any of it.

  6. Ever see those institutional ads that appear during college football games? Shalala appeared in an institutional ad for Miami, used her hands to form a U and proudly said "it's all about The U."

    FWIW nobody refers to the school as "UofM". News outlets in South Florida refer to UM; others, especially those involved with college sports, refer to The U as Anon above me did.

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  9. Interesting relationships of Gannett's movers and shakers with colleges and football, Jim. This makes two now that have appeared to have been asleep at the wheel, allowing all manner of improprieties to slip under their radar.

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  12. They are/were asleep at the wheel as publishers and directors for Gannett. So none should be surprised. Once you get to this level, it's about playing big shot and rubbing shoulders,

  13. where did she get those pants........


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