Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Corporate has just filed its quarterly 10-Q report

Filed moments ago with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the second-quarter 10-Q is the more detailed version of the financial statement Corporate made public when it released its second-quarter earnings on July 18.

The filing came soon after Gannett's stock closed this afternoon at $11.99 a share, down 3 cents, on a roller-coaster day for stocks overall.

This morning, GCI traded for $11.55 a share, briefly setting a new 52-week low, according to Google Finance. Sales volume today was unusually high: 5.4 million shares changed hands vs. a recent daily average of 3.4 million.


  1. Guess my sell-off yesterday must have been a trend! Didn't realize how much of it had accumulated in my 401k and I wanted rid of it!

  2. Haven't seen so many negative numbers since Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia!


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