Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lansing | Former publisher Deliyanne dies at 89

Gregory Deliyanne was publisher of the Lansing State Journal from 1975 to 1986, including 15 years after Gannett bought the newspaper in 1971. He died Saturday, the Michigan newspaper reported yesterday.

"The only avenue to credibility is fairness," Deliyanne once said, "and fairness is the most important word in the field of journalism."

His funeral is scheduled for tomorrow, according his obituary.


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  2. Name-calling some who's just died is not cool.

  3. I imagine he died broken hearted to see what the thing had become.

  4. No name-calling of any recently departed (where'd you learn this?). My venom is fir the 20-45somethings need a map stenciled on their ass to find their way home. That would necessarily include the posters here.

  5. And have you abandoned the layoff rundown in favor of taste edids and crop reports? Mississippi? Louisiana?

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