Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hubs | Shining a light on all the hubbub

Anonymous@4:21 p.m. says desk lights like this are the source of all the sturm und drang at the Design Studio in Nashville, Tenn.

"So far," says another readerAnonymous@9:05 a.m., "the managers in the Design Studios main jobs seem to be to buy furniture -- including about 100 Ikea-looking lamps -- and badgering us reporters for bullshit."

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[Photo: Ikea Basisk table lamp, nickel plated in birch white, $19.99]


  1. AWESOME! The Nashville lamps have black bases. Will try to count them this week:)

  2. What about other hubs? Other people please share what your hubs look like.

  3. Hmmm...The Nashville lamps are slightly less cone-shaped. More like colossal marshmallows (they're capped on top).

    I wonder if they did come from Ikea? If so, somebody had to drive way the heck down to Atlanta and haul dozens and dozens of the foolish things back up here.

    Where are the newsroom's Swedish Umlaut Lamps, extreme makeover team? Of course, there's no room for a lamp on the news side these days, because you reduced the size of our desks by a third so you could cram us all in one corner of the building to make room for the design center.

    But a lamp would have been a nice gesture. While you're at it, you should maybe bring in some round-leafed plants and a water fixture. Something to improve our feng shui. After the layoffs, the newsroom chi is plugged up like you would not believe.

  4. Hubs are great ... until the axil breaks.

  5. I always thought someone studied feng shui when they designed our building, because the door was off to the side to keep the energy in the newsroom from escaping, etc. But the chi of our place has definitely turned sour after these layoffs as the empty desks seem to soak up all the energy and leave nothing sha chi an si chi, and you know how bad that is. They need to put things back in balance or it going to be nothing but bad news for us, I am afraid.

  6. If we put fluorescent bulbs in those lamps, we might be able to get some additional tax money for being energy efficient. Not sure what the energy efficiency payoff is on the couches though.

  7. We could burn the couches for fuel in the winter, maybe? Can't possibly make the air quality in that building any worse than it already is.

  8. Meanwhile, I hear the Des Moines hub will be adopting a weasel as its mascot, in honor of one of the new managers.

  9. Nope, not more mushroom shaped. Exactly the one!


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