Monday, July 04, 2011

Declare your independence from Hello Kitty!

She (he?) is taking over the world. Here's proof.


  1. WTF!
    I must have been under a rock.
    Who owns the licencing on this crap?
    Must be a gazillionare by now!!
    And it looks like they are...(sigh).

  2. If you have young girls, this is really big stuff. Come back to school time at the end of next month, I know I am going to hear a lot about this.

  3. hey jim...grow the fuck up.

  4. 7:05 Why pick on him? He's not responsible for this cartoon figure.

  5. right on, 7:05... 7:48, you're clueless. Why is there a Hello Kitty reference here????? Jim, wanna try to justify this crap?

  6. This was a light-hearted way to observe the Fourth of July.

  7. I'd like to see this Hello Kitty corner the Deal Chicken.


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