Thursday, July 28, 2011

DealChicken | This one isn't getting paid OT, either

"I really love being part of a community, passing along my knowledge and savings to my neighbors. I also enjoy working with the reporters and staff at the local Gannett newspapers and TV stations. Of course, it helps when you insist on working for chicken feed."

-- from the About Us page of Gannett's daily deals site, which got its national launch on Tuesday.


  1. Here's another thing DealChicken isn't getting: the "A Gannett Company" brand on its websites, mandated when Gannett launched its multimillion-dollar corporate marketing campaign in March.

    You will recall that GCI published a 100-page guide, outlining in excruciating detail, all the ways in which that tagline was to appear on all the company's products.

  2. Wow...the painful irony of the chicken saying "it helps when you work for chicken feed." He works for Gannett, indeed.

  3. You might want to use the official DC art Jim. This is outdated. Rather than focus on the company branding, why wouldn't you focus on the revenue this product is producing? Maybe that would take too much reporting effort than your normal pith.


  4. How about the following:

    I also enjoy working with the reporters and staff at the (INSERT LOCAL NAME HERE) and (INSERT LOCAL NAME HERE).

    Would that be to much??

  5. Move along, nothing to see here folks. Nevermind the millions we spent in March to tell you about G A N N E T T and that it's all within reach. We'd prefer not to remember that.

    Also, 9:40, maybe you should tell DealChicken to use the official art. And if it's pulling in so much, why not share?

  6. 10:36, that was.

  7. From the recent deals posted on initial launch sites it looks like the Deal Chicken is off to a good start, espeically in Detroit. Don't know this is comprehensive of all deals but from the numbers posted here is the ranking:

    PS -- Jim, you are welcome for the reporting

    #1. 1,355 Detroit
    #2. 444 St. Louis
    #3. 343 Cinci
    #4. 335 DC
    #5. 205 Rochester

    have other markets already gone?

  8. I hate to mention this in the midst of all of the forced corporate DealChicken enthusiasm....

    ... but the constant arm-twisting that business owners are receiving from Groupon and "Groupon clones" may already be taking its toll.

    Business Insider headline yesterday: "Business Owners Are Getting Sick Of Groupon And Groupon Clones' Pitches"


  9. 12:58: Nashville launched this week. So far the deals have been:
    $10 for Star Trek Admission; 43 sold
    $8 for boat cruise: 39 sold
    $5 for ice cream: 22 sold (so far today).

    So while those numbers are impressive elsewhere, Nashville, not so much.

  10. Craig Sevier7/28/2011 2:07 PM

    The bottom line with these scams is fairly well documented: participating businesses aren't generally getting return customers. "Coupon" or "Deal" mentality advertising ultimately generates a transient and fickle customer base, anathema to staying in the black and a waste of advertising dollars to the advertiser. Another Gannett accomplishment, courtesy of the obscenely greedy amateurs at the helm.

  11. Hold it. If these are good numbers, let's consider the total revenue gains. Even a $20 or $30 deal would hardly generate the types of returns needed to make this a viable business. Some are even less. Reps have to be paid, deals have to be created, and the administration expenses are not for free. Plus, some ad dollars could be cannibalized from the more profitable print product.

    I want it to work, too. But deals like this are effectively a drain on the overall bottom line.

    Looks like another product headed for the scrap heap.

  12. The future of Gannett is now Deal Chicken. Good because Gannett is Chicken S..T!

  13. 1,000 of the Detroit redemptions were for a $6 theme park. That's 3 grand for house.... about the same as a one inch classified ad. Except the Deal Chicken revenue has to be split between the house, the rep, the infrastructure, the AR, etc.

    That's crap... or chicken $hit.

  14. The Chicken is off to a roaring start. You LTs can grouse all you want but the chicken is making money and it's not going to stop.

  15. Seems a disappointing attempt at messaging and branding. "Deal Chicken?" You've got to be kidding. This launch and concept could make a classic case study for HBS students as in how not to do it. What in the world? What dream team created this "big idea"?

  16. Someone I know who purchased a recent Deal Chicken promotion got their credit card hacked because the site wasn't secure.

  17. DealChicken as an additional revenue tool? Sure. No question it'll bring in some money. DealChicken as a savior? Nope, for all the reasons stated above and in previous threads. I hope at some point corporate will look at the cost-versus-benefit ratio.

  18. No one is saying DealChicken will be the savior, but there IS money to be made in the deal segment, and the argument that Gannett should stay out JUST because they weren't the first to mine that segment is just ludicrous.

  19. Deal Chicken is kickin some ass.

    Laugh all you want. It's fun to see an upside for a change after so much downside.

    Sorry haters.....carry on.

  20. 1:12 Great point. However, Deal Chicken is getting a lot of attention and realistically, if you look at the revenue component doesn't look like it can do much in the big picture. In fact, it's just a little something Gannett latched on to, and a bit late at that. When a company is in the amount of trouble Gannett's in, and adds a bunch of corporate VP's and something like Deal Chicken is important you know you have a problem.

  21. I'm so sick of all the ##*ching and moaning already. If you hate your job. Quit. Embrace the new money. It just may save the jobs of those who really want to work here.

  22. Deal Chicken might be making money now, making it that much more lucrative when Gannett bottoms out and sells everything off. The Chicken you are going out of your way to praise today will still have a job.....will you? Hahaha, go Chicken, indeed.

  23. Sorry, 8:56, but Gannett has no credibility when it comes to new ideas because, well, they're throwing new ideas up against the wall every six months, and then it inevitably fails, or is just plain forgotten about.

    Deal Chicken may be a winner. But pardon the employees if they've heard this hype before. And couple that with a ridiculous name for a concept, you can't blame the employees for feeling just a bit cynical about the whole thing.

  24. Figured we'd bring this back into light to see if all the backers are still around....cities dont have enough deals, most deals making lass than 1k per day....sure sounds like the site has staying power. What came first the chicken or the egg? The egg came two years late and a couple million short. Scrap.


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